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Vanilla options

Have you ever heard of the Vanilla options? This is a very popular tool especially by investors who wish to speculate, even if – in fact – their use could be well used even for hedging purposes and, therefore, for those who want to cover some specific risk. Attention, in fact, not to confuse the term “options” with “binary options”: the Vanilla options are not a sub-category of binary options,


The current bull market began in March 2009; after the main stock index touched record lows at the end of one of the biggest bear markets in history. Today we are in 2017 and then the current bull market has lasted eight years. It’s little? It’s a lot? We are we close to a turnaround? Historically, the current bull market is one of the longest, so it is normal that

Being Recruited As A Stockbroker

So, you have a good degree in business, science or maths related subject, and you want to get rich; preferably, filthy rich. I’m not going to say there aren’t other options, even more realistic options, but stock trading is one of them.