Need to manage all the information that you have of your customers and leads but do not know how? The best option is to bet on the use of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management system): This is software that will allow your company logs all interactions that occur and to carry out a thorough monitoring them. The implementation of a CRM will allow you to manage and know all


Here are 4 tips to Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great, to improve enterprise management, paying attention to the factors that promote the growth of the company How to improve their business management in a simple and immediate? Here are 4 pearls of wisdom offered by Jim Collins: the well-known author of such books Built to Last and Good to Great, which over the years has

Business Objectives

Examine the negative aspects to improve and evolve. This is just one of the starting points useful to set business goals for the New Year… let us see! How to fix the business objectives that improve the performance of a business, guaranteeing greater success than the previous year? To answer this question we now consider the 5 tips below: Valid tips to follow scrupulously to maximize performance and increase earnings.


The Business Plan is now part of the business culture. But, in addition to being known, it should also be handled in the correct way: How to choose the expert consultant? Hearing about a business plan consulting firms is becoming more common, both in the environments surrounding the innovative start ups in both those typical of the most traditional companies. The business plan is now coming slowly become fully part of the entrepreneurial culture


Often those who wonder “How to become an entrepreneur” forget the crucial importance that covers the necessary change in mentality required to be that after years as an employee chooses to go it alone How to become an entrepreneur after years of success to other people’s addictions? Those who choose to take the big leap in order to be successful must drastically change their professional approach modeling it according to the requirements and

Professional rugby now uses GPS to track its athletes: here's why

Rugby is an age-old sport that has seen its fair share of change throughout the generations; for example, a try in 1890 would have scored a team a measly one point, whereas today a try is worth five points. Image Credit Like most sports, professional rugby has been influenced in recent years by the introduction of technology. Television match officials (TMO) can review contentious incidents with multi-angled camera replays and

How I Achieved My First Award Plaque!

I would not start this section by listing all my academic, literary, creative achievements; that, moreover, are not so many. So I will not going to make you bore, I just want to share with you my first award winning experience.

How to Choose an Accounting Career Path

Whether you want to open your own firm or work for one of the top accounting firms of 2016, there are many positive reasons to break into the accounting field. However, since there are so many different niches in this business, you may be puzzling over how to choose the one that best suits your temperament, education, and experience. If you are ready to launch your accounting career, there are


Is there a way to overcome boredom, anonymity and discomfort caused by traditional banner ads on the internet? It’s called Native Advertising and is a small latent revolution in the web world. The first banner ad of web history dates back to 1994, when it appeared on Wired’s website, astounding and surprising the nerd who then wandered around the network. That advertising, futuristic and unpublished, got something like 30% of

The Added Value of Today's Expert Witnesses

While they do not get the bulk of attention at trial, and there has never been a movie about them, expert witnesses are easily one of the most important parts of any trial. Whether it is a trial about complex financial issues or litigation dealing with construction cases, having an expert witness on board can provide critical assistance that allows a plaintiff to win a big civil award or a