Inbound Marketing: Build buyers person in 4 steps

A solid digital strategy inbound and the consequent creation of content starting from the complete definition of the individual buyers. The identikit of your ideal client, with his personality, his history and his employment difficulties will help you develop the arguments of your business content marketing to attract the right leads that the sales team can certainly turn into satisfied customers.

How do you build the buyers person? Today we will give you 4 tips to trace the ideal customer profile for new business opportunities…

  1. Started by the best customers
  2. The difficulties and weaknesses
  3. Interviews and research
  4. Make a connection with buyers in person

Those involved in inbound marketing there are many obstacles in the definition of person buyers; the main objection is that they are all different and so complex it is building a profile that includes the features of each. Even worse, when the departments of sales and marketing just say “are people who need to name of product or service,” nothing more distant approach inbound.

The concept of buyers person in fact is used to set the content around the customer and in the absence of a written profile according inbound payments, your content marketing campaign will eventually focus on the company or services.

The inbound success for the commercial development is due precisely to this total distancing from an ego type of marketing reportedly focused on the company and on the sale, which only serves to alienate prospects and force them to look elsewhere to seek a solution for their work problems.

If you too are facing difficulties to build the buyer person for your inbound marketing activities, followed the next 4 tips.

1. Started by the best customers

Even if your activities are diversified and your customers have different personalities depending on the product / service you purchased, started by something you know: think of your best customers, those from which obtained the largest margin, those with whom it is more pleasant to work. After all, these are the prospects you want to attract, do not they?

Now, what unites these customers? Maybe the average age, education, seniority in the company, the family situation, the online and offline reading habits … Write down everything you know about them and this list will be the first draft of your buyer’s identikit person.

2. The difficulties and weaknesses

Because the customers come to you? As mentioned in the first paragraph, “they need the product or service we offer” it is not an acceptable answer. What are the pressures to which they are subjected? They have deadlines to meet? They look for the lowest price possible or is the quality that counts?

Once you have answered these questions, take a step further and add a “why?” As you were a 2 year old very curious. Because the customer is so cost conscious? Maybe because the boss is putting pressure on the budget to be respected? Why does he do? When you have a solution to all the whys, ideas about the person buyers will be much clearer.

3. Interviews and research

If you have the chance, you realized interviews to better develop the profile of your buyers person. You will have the opportunity to investigate the characteristics and shape more consistent to buyers person. Depending on availability of the customers surveyed, you can do pretty much questions, but the basic concepts to know about are the age, sex, role in the company, objectives, concerns and professional challenges. If you have more time, find out what they do in their free time, what they read, by whom it is made up their family and that media prefer. In lack of time for the interviews, invited customers to participate in a survey by offering a discount as an incentive.

4. Make a connection with buyers in person

Once the general characteristics of your buyers person collected, it is time to “get into character” and try to put yourself in his shoes: It may seem strange but it is useful for both the selection of topics of the company blog that the drafting of the actual items and proper.

Come back and think about the business difficulties and because of the previous point, you imagine how you would feel if you were in the same situation and think about what you would like to read to solve a problem.

If during the interviews you have discovered what they read your customers, you can visit those sites or blogs and get an idea of the type of content with which they are accustomed to relate.

Know your ideal clients and be able to think for themselves, it gives you the ability to plan and develop content that will connect them not only professionally and interest, but also from the staff.

The selection of interesting and useful content through the company blog for the person buyers will increase naturally the lead generation.

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