5 tips for blogging to succeed in your small business

5 tips for blogging to succeed in your small business

Having a blog for your business is a key tool for you are, knows the products and services you offer and also your public access to valuable and interesting information about its sector.

It is never late for your small business starts its journey in the field of blogging. No matter who belong to the legal level, efforts store pet toys, have a business second hand or you’ve launched the website design. In absolutely all sectors and areas of the market, having a blog is key for customers to find you through Google with a SEO strategy and also can provide specialized on your industry your opinion.

5 Key tips to remember when creating your blog

Of course, a blog should not be a space chosen randomly in which you post randomly chosen content discontinuous way, but a professional tool that should respond to a premeditated design, well-structured and original articles and good calendar content. blog for a small business to succeed, it is ideal to make an appointment publications personal and local, more advertising pieces and interesting educational content.

If you’re about to jump into the pool, took note of these five keys to start typing in your corporate blog is an enriching experience, effective for your sales and useful SEO level.

5 Keys to writing a small business blog

  1. Use a voice and personnel, in the first person: Humanization of the contents and the proximity generates closeness to customers; it has a more pleasant tone and has a more attractive format neutral language, depersonalized and commercial. Make yourself comfortable, speaks of you know, brings your opinion about your industry or your business. What detect needs? What advice can you give? Write down your ideas and reflect on the contents of value that are able to generate.
  2. Your blog must have a clean design and easy to use: Usability is critical for users to find what they are looking for and, above all, to share those posts that interest them in their accounts in social networks. Therefore, it includes buttons to these channels in strategic places like the footer or footer, the upper left or right and the end of the articles.
  3. What you write with reference quality sources: Where do you draw the information? Supports and complete your opinion with hyperlinks to other websites, videos, white papers, articles and research. Thus, your potential readers can get more information and know your way of inspiration. In addition, both external and internal links are essential to SEO positioning.
  4. Updated regularly: The frequency of publications is a key point, because there is nothing worse than allowing a blog to stagnate, it will deteriorate and eventually die, as happens to a lot of sites on the net. If your site shows signs of neglect and does not provide fresh and engaging content, customers will choose by competitors. Not enough to write much, but we must do it well. The bad grammar and spelling errors are unforgivable. In addition, you must ensure the quality of the images, include captions and not overwhelm the reader with too dense or lengthy paragraphs.
  5. Include a call to action at the end of content: What do you want to accomplish with your blog in particular? What customers come to your store, you ask quote for your project, subscribe to your newsletter, and follow you on social networks? Button call-to-action can include a discount coupon to encourage followers of the blog to visit the physical location of your business.

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