10 reasons why SMEs should open a business blog


Unfortunately, to date there are still few SMEs who have opened a corporate blog and this despite the company’s blog will allow making content marketing in an effective.

Or rather, the companies that make blogging manage to find new customers so much easier and less expensive than those that do not blogging. As a result, SMEs that decide to publish a business blog do more business and have a huge competitive advantage over those who are bent on not believing in this business tool.

It should be even more clear: if you’re the owner or marketing manager of an SME, you must hurry to create a company blog, or start managing it properly what is already there. I’m not exaggerating. And to make you understand how important the blogging business. In it, you’ll find ten reasons why the corporate blog of your SMEs must become a priority in your marketing.

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So, here is some of the benefits of which can enjoy an SME in professionally manage their blogs. (Beware of one thing. The statistics quoted below refer to the US context. But this should not be an excuse for you to say: “Here things work differently, these statistics are not useful.” If the thought so, be wrong big. Because even we can get the same benefits, enough to believe in blogging tool and invest sufficient time and resources).

In essence, having a business blog allows SMEs to…

  1. Generate trust in your potential customers

The 81% of American consumers surfing the web are placing trust in content they read in blogs of companies. In light of this, imagine what you could become authoritative and reliable if in your company blog posting it contained the target value…

  1. Find more customers

92% of SMEs that are blogging several times a day regularly acquire customers thanks to the posted web content. To do an observation in this regard: it is not an imperative post several times a day in a company blog. Indeed, to achieve excellent results, just less effort. The smaller? In principle, even as simple as one week post, but this obviously depends on how competitive the sector in which the SME operates. What is however essential is to maintain a frequency of publication adjust. In other words: if the SMEs states to publish, for example, two posts a week, this publication frequency must be respected in time, because the delay it implies a worsening of content marketing results related to your blogging.

  1. Be more effective in lead generation

SMEs that have a corporate blog found the 126% more results in lead generation than small and medium-sized companies that do not have a corporate blog. In short, from any point of view we observe the matter, the result does not change: a corporate blog is a communication tool and an extraordinary business. If handled with skill and perseverance, a business blog leads to boosted ROI tied to online presence.

  1. Giving a big boost to your online marketing

79% of managers of SMEs in marketing indicate corporate blogging the most effective tool of social media to do marketing on the web. It is not hard to see why: the posts attract traffic targets and, if written according to the persuasive copywriting techniques, convert it.

  1. Provide the target personalized content

78% of marketing managers of SMEs shows in the quality content tailored on the needs of the public in the future of online marketing. Here too it is not hard to see why: web content written specifically for their potential customers are one of unparalleled marketing tool.

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  1. Harnessing the power of quality content

The 60% of consumers online formula a positive assessment of the companies that produce quality content focused on its audience needs. Basically, if an SME-mail content that is relevant and useful for potential customers, they will appreciate the editorial work done by the company. Then, when it will be time for them to buy, they prefer the company to its competitors who have not been able to do content marketing.

  1. Increase engagement with their audiences

A confirmation of what was said in the previous point: 90% of Web users say find useful the posted enterprise content with the intention of solving the specific needs of consumers. Also this case, it is evident the effectiveness of content marketing done through a company blog.

  1. Influence potential customers

61% of US web users made at least one purchase after reading a post that expressed a positive opinion about the product or service they had in mind to buy.

  1. Build relationships with consumers

78% of consumers surfing online believe that companies that create valuable content for their audiences are interested in building a solid and lasting relationship with its customers. For the series: if the business proves to be interested in me, I earn points and … my money!

  1. Increase traffic to business websites

If an SME has opened a corporate blog, what to procure definitely an increase in web traffic to the corporate website and from the e-commerce hosting the blog. This is because, on average, the number of pages indexed in search engines will be higher than 434% when compared to the result of SMEs that do not have a business blog. Here is another proof that a corporate blog is able to intercept a large amount of qualified web traffic.

If you are a business owner or marketing manager of an SME, know that content marketing is not a fad. A powerful tool is here to stay. As a result, even the corporate blog is a highly effective means to make online marketing and reach their target consumers.

SMEs need to understand this and begin to reap the greatest possible benefit from doing business blogging. The time to start is now. In fact, tomorrow may be too late, especially if the competition will have understood the importance of the blogging business well in advance of us.

And you, what do you do? Are you the owner or marketing manager of an SME that invests an adequate budget in your business blog? Or were you looking at while the competition is stealing you from under his nose all the customers?

Share with us your experience on corporate blogging for SMEs. Leave a comment below, share with us your tips on how to transform a company blog into an effective instrument of content marketing!

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