Start a business: 12 truth and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Start a business

When you start a new business, perseverance, sacrifice, discipline and passion of the new entrepreneurs are some of the factors contributing to its success. We see in detail some practical tips to avoid the classic mistakes by beginners and starting preparations

When you decide to open a business, in what should be taken to avoid making the classic beginner mistakes? We answer this particular question, reporting immediately following our 12 tips dedicated to those who want to start their own business: tips targeted to exploit every day to become a successful entrepreneur.

Start a business
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# 1- Do not consider statistics

Although investigations strongly support that a fairly high percentage of Startup is doomed to failure, he who chooses the professional independence must be able to face negative statistics, continuing undaunted to pursue its objectives: a good dose of stubbornness and perseverance always reward in the long run.

# 2- Dedicate yourself to what you like and really care

The only way to open profitable and successful activity, is to find an area in which we can focus on what really likes, excluding a priori all areas incapable of arousing interest: the mere fact of carrying out the challenging tasks It allows to better prepare themselves to the scope of employment, getting far more satisfactory results.

# 3- Do not pretend to know everything

Despite those who decide to go it alone might believe not to have sufficient knowledge and ability to address the situation in an appropriate way, if the purpose of this person is to achieve the great goals, you must first learn not to be crushed by the hesitations and doubts : first you start the business idea and then it is sensible to regard the learning of new concepts.

# 4- Focus on a single business project

So that you can achieve considerable results in entrepreneurship, it is important to concentrate its efforts on one project at a time, never wasting the energies available to other secondary issues: the fact that they focus on a single idea and develop it in all its facets, give better feedback in smaller timeframes.

# 5- Choose the right employees

Especially during StartUp is important to pay the highest possible attention to the choice of collaborators , considering for selection the real value added by the same guaranteed in operation, rather than a possible advantage from the economic point of view: if professionals with who huddle agreements are cheap but they work badly, it suffers as a result the entire business.

# 6- Giving priority to the most important issues

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn how to give the right priority to all issues , by distinguishing the net so those primary from secondary ones: devote himself to designing logos, business cards and web sites, do not need to absolutely nothing before it is not, for example, made a good business plan on which to base the birth and growth of the new company.

# 7- Turning your business idea into an obsession

Despite what many may say, obsession manifested by the entrepreneur against a certain idea of business, in addition to not necessarily be a negative factor, in some cases even revealed as a component able to bring tangible advantages: any form of obsession or fixation implies automatically a constant search for improvement.

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# 8- Staying in the office as long as necessary

When you decide to open a business you should never, ever think that there are the set times in which devote themselves to work and others in which devote himself to private life where professional issues, makes it essential to remain in the office until late evening, at weekends or on public holidays, the entrepreneur interested in the welfare of their business must sacrifice.

# 9- Focus on more profitable services

Start his own business and get good feedback even (and especially) from an economic point of view, very often, is to demonstrate the ability to understand which services focus in the short and long term : to persist in proposing very profitable solutions is wrong, because It does not put the company in a position to raise money for future investments.

# 10- Stay constantly updated

To start a successful StartUp is strongly advisable that the entrepreneur always continue to keep abreast of all the new features offered by the commodity sector they belong to, by reading books, blogs, industry sites and, more generally, any useful content for its growth professional: knowledge is the weapon capable of recognizing a valid professional from a poor professional.

# 11- Waking up early in the morning

Who has the primary objective to become an entrepreneur, you absolutely can not think of wasting precious hours, getting up late in the morning, because in the first junctures of the day it is always more productive : For best results in a professional environment and maximize performance, so you need to sleep well during the whole night and wake up early.

# 12- Do not worry too much fundraising

Although to open a business can serve the economic support of banks or lenders, before focusing completely on fund raising, it is much better to strengthen the business guaranteeing a well-organized internal structure: to convince investors to bet on a business project, it must demonstrate that they have a solid foundation on which to develop.

These are our 12 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs: effective specially designed tips to help those without any experience in making a successful career on your own.

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