What are the risks using pirated software in your company?

Pirated software

Sometimes companies to save costs, using pirated or unlicensed software. Operating system, office software packages, design programs or video management software. It is a way (a trick, a dangerous shortcut) of not having to invest a lot of money on programs that we use in day to day.

Here we do not mean as open and free software that can fortunately be found on the network. Such programs, missing more, can be used in any company.

Risks of using pirated software

We refer to licensed programs and payment has been acquired by non-conventional methods (Internet downloading pirate, requesting a copy to a friend …)

Pirated software
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This practice, unfortunately, is common in some SMEs, but also sometimes in large companies that have neglected area of your business computing. We must inform you that, in the end, just bringing various computer problems which we’ll talk then.

Risk No. 1: Legal Problems

If found to use pirated software, the first risk that you assume is receiving a complaint. You are violating the rights of intellectual property of the company that created the program. Sometimes we may think that these companies have no way to know if I’m not using or illegal software. But there are programs that require registration and if we use some keys that are already being used by someone else, can alert the owners.

Risk No. 2: Your own safety

The other great risk of using pirated software illegally in your business is your own safety. Such programs whose origin is not the manufacturer may include viruses, Trojans or spyware that cause serious injury to the security of your business.

Chances are you’ve tried downloading software illegally through a public network of P2P, which really does not give you guarantee what you’re downloading. Even if the software work apparently not really know what modifications or additions could they do.

Risk # 3: It generates distrust

Anyone who comes into your company and find out you work with pirated programs, be suspicious of you.

Imagine, for example, a company with which you are about to sign a major contract decides to make a “due intelligence”. A “due intelligence” is an investigation or audit to see if you should work your client or partner. It is likely to be wary of the security of your company, so you can object to the signing of the contract.

Risk # 4: Losing quality certification ISO

When a company does not meet the necessary quality practices, including misuse of technology, also runs the risk of losing its ISO quality certification.

Do not forget that to get this certification need to make an internal audit and this is carried out by a certification body. The use of pirated software is not acceptable in any case in a quality management system.

Risk No. 5: you do not have access to updates

When you work with a pirate software, you cannot update it with the latest amendments because that force you to register the program.

Unable to upgrade the program, your software will become obsolete in a short time and will not include security enhancements or new proposals that will help you work in better conditions.

This is especially important when you use a pirated Windows operating system; It poses a risk to your safety very significant not able to access the updates.

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Who is to blame for using pirated software?

In some companies there is a certain lack of control. Address unknown what programs download and install employees in different computers. There is no working system that allows you to monitor the software used.

It is possible, therefore, that without knowledge of management is being used unlicensed software in the company. 5 risks mentioned above are perfectly valid. Whether it is done with knowledge of the management of the company or not.

What is the solution to pirate software?

The solution to stop using pirated software in your business is to audit computers and see what there is right now.

We must classify what programs have been downloaded and what it is used. You must delete those that are not used because they are taking up space and, of course, eliminate all illegal software.

Today we have access to multiple free software or free use without license. They can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and install on your computer. We also have many cloud services that do not require prior download.

Does not entail any damage to the company using these programs. In fact, sometimes they may even be more quality programs that some software under license.

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