How to advertise on Facebook: The mini-guide in steps


Social networks represent for companies powerful means of communication with customers, potential or acquired them to be. Let’s see what are the tools offered by Facebook to promote their products and services.

Want to advertise on Facebook, but do not know where to start? Here is a practical guide that will help you set correctly your items, allowing you to reach the right target audience without wasting money unnecessarily: a simple manual describing the 3 main tools offered by the platform for those who want to promote products, services, sites web or more. Ready? Let’s get started!

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# 1- Entries Panel

The easiest way to figure out how to advertise on Facebook, is certainly that of using the Panel Entries, where there are 10 achievable goals with their campaign.

After identifying the goal to be achieved, Facebook offers a guided tour which helps the user to set the said marketing year, accompanying it step by step in the definition of what to advertise (a post, a fan page, a website, etc.), The target users to be reached, the budget to spend and images and content to appear in the ad.

If, for example, the primary purpose is to direct people to your website after clicking on the lens corresponding, you will have:

  • Define the name of the campaign;
  • Fill out the account information (country, currency and time zone);
  • Determine the recipients of the adverts stating the country of interest, the user’s age group to reach, their gender, etc. (once created the ideal of their own public profile, it can be saved for reuse in future campaigns, ticking the option Save this audience);
  • Set a daily or total budget  (minimum 1 euro per day): the campaigns daily budget can be seen during a single day until all of the amount allocated to advertising, while the total budget campaigns are visible for a period of time to program depending on your needs (from the day – a day);
  • Deciding the insertion aspect choosing whether to add a single image – one or more video images;
  • Enter the ‘ URL of the site to which you send back the users who click on advertising;
  • Fill in the fields related to the title and the text of the campaign (for your ad to be successful, it is important to choose persuasive content and which will attract the attention of users);
  • Click Sort and enter the payment method ;
  • Proceed with the publication of the advertisement in Facebook.

# 2- Function Highlight the post

To exploit this particular functionality specifically designed to highlight certain posts at any time of a fan page, you need to:

  • Click on the button Highlight the post this under each publication, the Insights section in admin panel;
  • Define the target users that make the content visible to sponsor, choosing from people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends or people you choose by targeting;
  • Set the number of days during which the ad must be visible (eg. 1, 7 or 14 days);
  • Determine the total budget to be divided in the number of days in which the paid news remains visible;
  • Specify the method of payment desired;
  • Click on the button Highlight for making visible to selected users the post in question.

# 3- Power Editor

Another essential tool is the Power Editor: the system used mainly by the agencies, in addition to the classic features proposed by Entries panel, for example, also allows you to create posts without being connected to Internet, to customize more ads by changing the display based on the used different devices or to realize the so-called ghost post.

To understand how to advertise on Facebook, creating an ad in Power Editor must:

  • Access the Power Editor and click on the Manage listings located near the top of the page;
  • Click on the item Write listing  in the drop down menu at the top on your left;
  • Choose whether to create a new campaign or put the ad in an existing campaign;
  • Choose whether to create a new ad group or use one pre-existing;
  • Give a name the ad and click on the Create ;
  • Insert the content  insertion and creativity (pictures / images);
  • Click Upload changes to make public the new listing.

Among the three tools provided by Facebook, the Entries panel is certainly the easiest, functionality Highlight the post  in addition to allowing a minimum insertion customization allows you to reach a limited target audience and Power Editor is instead the most advanced and technical tool, this solution is the one that encourages you to proceed to make a difference by helping to structure their campaigns in strategic and careful way.

This is the introductory guide to manage advertising on Facebook with simplicity and effectiveness: a detailed manual to follow to the letter to avoid making mistakes in the process of creation and publication of advertisements and campaigns.

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