How to beat your most largest competitor?

Beat your competitors

How to beat the competition, a great theme to be addressed in a post. Before making a career in multinational and then became an entrepreneur and an investor, I was lucky enough to work in very small companies with much larger competitors often for range of products / services / solutions, structure and turnover.

They were years of great growth for me, because the challenge was and continues daily, and great was the satisfaction of winning those challenges.

In those years I realized I had to learn how to sell to compete with competitors that billed ten or a hundred times more of the reality that I worked. Then I also realized that with the right mental attitude, learning the best sales techniques and adopting a professional sales system I could compete and beat, even more so, even my most direct competition.

Later, as an entrepreneur, I entered the digital age, I realized that I had to understand how web marketing would change the very nature of marketing and communication …

The above is neither more nor less than what today is still happening to Startup, Professionals and Small Businesses.

Beat your competitors
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Here are some key elements on how to beat your biggest competition and who knows that at the end of the post, you did not stretch guidance for the competition … all your competition.

Your potential customer choices dictated by security before the price

After all, it is easy for your potential customer to choose a structured professional, a large consulting company or a large company. You do not get the rest to have an important activity without building processes and systems that allow you to do a good job.

A professional association, a large consulting company or a large company appear more and a safer choice because many others have chosen as their suppliers or their partner them. Moreover, they have great resources and do not seem to pose risks compared with the services, solutions or products to which your potential customer needs.

You must be clear that, you cannot win on this territory. You have to bring your customer to think outside this area.

Here’s how …

When a large professional studio, a large consulting company or a large company does not produce the results and benefits expected from the customer, it is usual that the same customer (who had made a choice looking security …) blames its size, that is, the “greatness” of that structure.

In many cases therefore, those same processes and systems that make that task a great reality, also make it difficult to customize their approach to individual customers and the needs of those individual customers.

This is the ground on which you can and should compete, because this is where your biggest competitors lose their challenges.

In fact, it is not often able to customize their solution or give proper and timely attention to certain needs of their customers’ needs or problems, larger companies can create dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction, can become high because often, the “inefficiency” is still accompanied by costs that remain high.

You know what I say?

I’m just your larger competitors to open up to the threat of being attacked by you on their weaknesses.

Uses today as your strengths weaknesses of your biggest competitors? You do it all the time and in the best way?

Of course, all this “sounds” like a great opportunity available to you, however, I agree with you that it often happens that the first dissatisfaction, “seared” customer is however, not yet ready to try, despite everything, a choice “less secure “.

Therefore, it often happens that; choose another large professional studio, another mega adviser or another big company, believing that the change will produce a different result.

After all, if your potential customer is still convinced that another big your competitor will produce better results, despite constraints and inefficiencies incurred, meaning it is not yet ready for real change.

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You must be there at the time when decide to implement a real change

Your potential customer, only after a couple of “sunburn” with your larger competitors will be ready to make a real change. It happens because at that point will clearly require a supplier or a partner who is able to create solutions to his measure, able to pay attention to its characteristics, can give concrete answers and speedy to your problems, needs and need.

You are there?

In addition, it is likely that at that point the failure to achieve the results he needed start costar dear to your potential customer. Could be financial costs or more “personal costs” such as damage to its reputation or, again, may have lost some good business opportunities.

When these “costs” are starting to be high, your potential customer will be really ready to change because it will clear they are not the “greatness” and the high costs to guarantee him greater results.

At this point, your potential customer will begin to believe that you can get better (and maybe at lower cost) by smaller structures like yours.

Give heed because this is the time when you can come into play and compete. This is the time when your weapons are as good as those of larger competitors. This is the time when the “little ones”, those who know how to do their job very well and know how to cure the customer, have a chance to win. This is the time when you can beat the competition.

This is also the time when your potential customer becomes your ideal customer!

You begin to understand how you should act?

Basically, you have to begin now to cultivate and “feed” your ideal clients, to be certain that, at the right time, you will have the opportunity to compete with your larger competitors.

It is not a short-term game

The first time you enter really into competition, you can win or lose once again, but it begins to meet the right people, the ones who really make the decisions. In addition, you have the opportunity to start showing your success stories.

The second time you still have the opportunity to deepen the relationship and show your customer perfect your ability to give him the answer he desires.

The third time, if you’re well nourished relationships, increases exponentially your chances of winning because he is now in a state of deep knowledge and know I certainly have faced a perfect client who was particularly disappointed by the results achieved through the larger competitors, or, more correctly, from all that has failed to get.

What are you doing today to develop future relations with your ideal clients?

What are you doing to increase your awareness until you get the opportunity to compete more and to beat the competition?

What are you doing to keep in touch with your ideal clients during periods when they are buying / working / collaborating with your biggest competitors?

How you think you can be at the right time, i.e. when they are dissatisfied enough to be able to consider your smallest reality?

Are you using for example the web marketing intercept, capture and feed your ideal clients?

You know the potential of what can make the inbound marketing to guarantee you to be there at the right time, to compete and beat the competition … your competition … your biggest competitors?

You have the right mental attitude, a professional system and meet the best sales techniques to meet your ideal clients and sell not using the price but your perceived value?

I believe you have something to think about and perhaps, some decisions to be taken, in order to always compete and win against your larger competitors …. and to always be able to beat the competition.

Do you agree?

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