What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing

What is the difference between the two concepts?

Today there are a lot of marketing types, so I understand that your ideas are a bit ‘confused. With the growth of the digital market and the spread of digital professions, the situation does not improve then certainly.

Then, first of all it must be said that, as the two concepts are closely linked to each other, in reality do not coincide. Indeed, we can say that the Content Marketing can basically be considered as an evolution of the first.

To understand what I mean let’s try to define both…

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing
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With Inbound Marketing we mean a set of methodologies to help businesses to be found by the user. In practice, it means to make life easier client. When you need something will find what he seeks, tracking the manufacturer more easily than they could do before.

People hate to be bored with speeches that try to convince them to buy a particular product. We need to give the customer what they wants.

In the online world, it means redesigning websites and digital strategies for “converting” visitors into customers.

This concept, therefore, promotes a sense of marketing away from one based on direct customer or advertising calls for bringing the purchase based on the works of conviction.

Actually, it encompasses different types of marketing, including just the Content Marketing. Understand where does your confusion?


Suppose to be a manufacturer of a smartwatch that is compatible with all of the mobile devices.

Our strength lies in its broad compatibility with smartphones in circulation, our own weakness could be the price a little higher.

We must try to find a niche that will be our target.

Imagine all those professionals who are constantly working with your smartphone and PC, perhaps submerged between email and calls. Compatibility with all devices in circulation could attract more this target rather than the simple sport that would use the smartwatch just for the running and, therefore, are not willing to spend a big sum.

We try to be more specific.

Among these professionals super committed, many probably will have the smartphone of a brand and the PC of another brand. They could be the most interested in a product compatible with both enabling to receive real-time notifications from one that is from the other device.

As you saw, we have defined a very specific audience. That’s left to do is to call the attention.

Do not resort to direct advertising. As I said before, people are tired of being convinced to make purchases.

You try to drive customers to the company and to its products.

A website and a blog would serve well done just that. Maybe we could build an online space in which to deepen topics related to these professions that make intensive use of technological devices and show how our product can be beneficial.

People, well, they would have a real motivation to reach you. Could you sell your product because you’re useful and credible!


Content Marketing is defined a communication strategy based on the creation and distribution of multimedia content such as videos, images, infographics or post, relevant from a qualitative point of view, and aimed at attracting and capturing a specific target.

The main difference between the two types of marketing concerns the fact that the Content Marketing does not provide for other types of operations, such as the web design or the organization of events.

Simplifying the two concepts, we can identify them as two boxes. The larger is the Inbound Marketing and contains the smaller one: the Content Marketing.

Not commit, however, the mistake of believing that this makes less important the concept of “content marketing”. Indeed, fixed in your head that it is a discipline growing rapidly and you have to take a lot into consideration, especially if you own a blog or you do social media marketing.


A good example of Content Marketing is the “storytelling”.

The goal is to create a story, convey a message. There is no advertising; the mission is to convey emotions.

Speaking, however, of Content Marketing proper, you can refer to the Disney blog.

Disney uses its very cleverly sharing space, sharing often content that reflect the scenes behind the scenes.


Well, I think that the Inbound Marketing is a very broad notion of marketing and, therefore, need content to work. And here that the “most petite box” into play. An Inbound Marketing strategy may not work 100% without content ready to support it, such as a blog, a profile company or a web site full of fresh content.

The synergy between the two types of marketing, also expresses its maximum potential when once brought visitors to your site, you have to convert them to buyers through quality content.


In my opinion, you cannot afford to choose a type of marketing exclusion of the other. Are two concepts that go hand in hand and could not be otherwise.

The Content Marketing is, after all, only a part Inbound Marketing, which in fact encompasses many other strategies to optimize the final result and attracting the target audience effectively.

You have to consider the Email Marketing, strategy now considers essential for the promotion of its products and especially for customer loyalty; we must consider the SEO and the same advertising campaigns on social.


The Inbound Marketing, precisely because of the presence of a Content Marketing increasingly important, is slowly evolving into a concept increasingly linked to the latter.

Mind you, that does not mean it is disappearing. Rather it is growing.

The truth is that, increasingly, the market is realizing how important it is to put proper attention to the quality of content to share with their audience, even based on the updates introduced by “Google and friends” in the field of SEO, increasingly faces looking for content can help your audience.

What we expect is this: that the continuous growth of quality in terms of content, whether in the form of post, e-book, video or images and infographics.

The goal is not just to share, but to share something useful for others.

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