Why tech should top the priority list for financial advisors in 2017

Why tech should top the priority list for financial advisors in 2017

With the start of a new year, many businesses will be setting goals for the year ahead. For those working in the financial advice sector, experts believe that one of the top priorities over the coming months should be to ensure the technology they use is of the highest order.

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Increasingly competitive market

Financial advice is becoming an increasingly competitive sector. According to Investopedia, financial professionals must consider implementing technology as a strategy to position their businesses for future success and increase the value gaps between themselves and the competition.

It is not only how technology can improve the services provided to existing customers that is important to remain competitive; in addition, the latest systems can be used as an effective marketing tool to attract new clients, especially by targeting specific groups.

Provide increased transparency

New technology used for financial planning enables better management of information and a wider choice of services for customers. This not only offers a holistic approach to financial planning but also encourages greater transparency. In an age when customers want reassurance that the information they are given by financial advisors is in their best interest, rather than just sales patter, exposure to the latest technology whereby customers can view the information in front of them gives them the peace of mind they crave.

Simplify tasks

With increasingly hefty workloads, financial advisors may be looking for ways to simplify tasks this year without compromising the quality or efficiency of their services. The good news is that the latest software can help to simplify many back office tasks that take up precious time. Back office systems for IFAs, such as those offered by https://www.intelliflo.com/, can help to automate many back office procedures, improving time management and business efficiency.

Ensure compliancy

Compliance with new or changing financial regulations is essential for advisors. Using the latest technology may help to ensure that the service financial planners provide is meeting these vital rules.

Interactive planning

New technology in the financial advice sector not only helps to provide transparency for customers but also enables them to take a pro-active involvement in their own financial planning. Platforms that offer interactive user planning are proving increasingly popular; therefore, businesses that want to capture wider audiences need to make sure their technology systems can offer these highly sought-after services.

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