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Sales Techniques

A post dedicated to those who are not satisfied with their commercial results. An article to find out if and what mistakes you’re making in your sales activities.

The objective is to help you understand whether and why are you making mistakes in the sale and how to learn to sell, regardless of the sector in which it operates or the activities they are developing.

An article, I want to clarify, that is not only suitable for merchants rather than to agents but anyone who carries out a commercial activity, i.e. an activity aimed to sell their products, their services, their solutions or their achievements through a consultative and relational approach.

A post therefore also particularly important for Consultants, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs directly involved in the sales phase.

That said, what, in a few lines, I want to show a method and some techniques which you absolutely must take into account if you want to increase your sales results and if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly complicated world. A world where everything was working until yesterday, now seems to have the most effectiveness.

I will guide you to make you understand some very important dynamics, thanks to which you can apply the appropriate corrective action to your sales for you, this is my wish, increase your turnover.

If you follow me on this blog or on social channels, you know you are an entrepreneur and an investor. However did you know that, personally, I think first of all …. proudly … a seller.

Sales Techniques
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A concept which is of great importance with respect to the results, you too, can achieve. To this end, the first reflection that I invite you to do, depends on the answer you give to this question:

If I tell you that you are a Seller or that you are a Seller, honestly, how do you feel?

You might have noticed that this definition is disappearing. Do you know why this happens? Because this definition over time were associated negative images, and many of these negative perceptions, let us say frankly, they have been engendered by those who sell.

Now you must be wondering if and why this thing about you …. is simple…. concern you because if even one of these negative perceptions affects you, consciously or not, that also corresponds to one of your limiting beliefs …. This can also greatly affect your business performance ….

Why is it so important than the ability to learn how to sell?

Because we cannot excel, that we cannot achieve great results in something that we do not want to be! I repeat: we cannot achieve great results in something that we do not want to be!

Not by chance in my course on the sale “Sales Leadership” do a specific job on this aspect. Any business or profession you do, if you have to learn how to sell to develop the business, you have to feel, without any problem or obstacle, even a marketing professional.

Believe me, you can read all the books or attend all the courses you want but if you’re not first at peace with yourself when you start to sell …. This could cause you more problems.

This will definitely call you to work, because the present competitiveness in all sectors, leaving space only to those who also feel 100% of a marketing professional.

I repeat, any business or profession you’re developing today!

For this reason, even if you are an entrepreneur, a craftsman, a consultant, a professional, or else, I will use, from now on, only the expression “seller.”

Moreover, as said earlier, I am not primarily a trainer (even though I do so with great passion), I am one who sells … and if you’re here and read on … I do not have any adoration pill but to tell you how they really are things. Only in this way, in fact, you will be able to reflect on what elements you have to work to improve yourself. That’s the goal.

Then we start to think about the ….

If the goal is to sell more, and if you’re here, that’s the goal …

What can you do to sell more?

During my course emerge things like …. increase the number of phone calls, contacts and visits …. with old and new customers … send sales letter … do … web marketing invest in advertising on google or facebook to have more contact … and so on …

However, to remain on the merits of our analysis, it is also true that you can not do more than phone calls tot, tot or more visits, or spending a fortune in advertising to then have a few contacts in more miserable …. right?

Here then is the correct answer to the question is:

Increase your closing% in sales

Now, you know exactly what your current% closing? That is how many orders or contracts and therefore such effects sales every 100 proposals, offers, negotiations you do?

No? So before we talk about the crisis, to spend money to acquire new contacts, etc … bothered to figure out if and why you have a low% closing.

This is the first thing on which to act, given that, you can not expect to get 100% of closures, however, can reduce the inefficiencies that cause a low% closure,

You must know that 8 out of 10 times, I repeat “8 times out of 10, the loss of a sale is linked to the poor quality of the sales process implemented by the seller”.

This is crazy if you think that a market in crisis and in need, or highly competitive, leads you inevitably to see fewer customers and therefore more important to increase your closing skills. You are there?

The first thing you must understand is that so first of all you have to work on yourself, about yourself as a sales professional , because it always will be you to make or not make a difference!

One other key element is too often overlooked: The preparation. Because often you think, it means to be prepared to know well its products or its services, that is to be technically competent. All this is of course good, but ….

Are you also prepared to every possible requirements / needs / problems of each customer you meet?

Are you prepared, that know how to give effective responses to possible objections?

Do you know how to manage, in term of sales technique, an objection?

Or again…. You have a list of key questions always ask your potential customer?

Because if you will allow, for example, to be quiet and to talk the customer. I say this because contrary to what you might think customers do not want to hear you talk, want to be heard!

Do right questions is one of the keys to close any sales ... not surprisingly there are technical specifications on how to ask questions in the most effective way.

Staying on the subject ….

You have an effective pitch? Or, you can hit “emotionally” your partner in the first 30 seconds?

What do you do normally? Talk about you? Your company, your products or services you offer? … .. Or are you able to tell right away something interesting for your potential customer? Think carefully…. because it is precisely in those first 30 seconds it begins the sale.

Another key element is:  Plan! On this, the first thing to do is: have a sales budget.

Any activity you do, you have to operate on a monthly budgetary, per customer detail, by product lines, services or solutions, or detailed for all that you can offer.

It must be processed monthly to be constantly monitored and then revised as and when necessary. As a browser that when an error occurs, recalculates the route. You know?

To make a good sales budgets do not need software to thousands of dollars just a simple excel file ….

The sales budget is the foundation through which get the final result.

If you do not have a marketing budget you cannot, for example, to estimate whether and how many new clients, would you need to achieve your sales goal.

If you do not have a marketing budget to follow are like a captain of a ship that does not have a broken … a ship at the mercy of winds and waves …

Following are the years when a lot of talk about value.  Propose value added value … … but often it remains very educational, is not it? Yet this is a fundamental element.

Because when the focus is only on the product, all that matters is the price. If the product instead we can add value, everything changes, because the price will be dictated by product + value.

You are there?

I also do an example here. Value is being able to identify any economic benefits. Now, if you clear what are the economic benefits, however, you have to ask if and how you always manage to highlight them and document them, when necessary, to your customer.

Please note that it is not only value what you assume this but what your customers will recognize you as such.

Give heed to this fundamental difference ….

Another important element is: listening.  Keep in mind that the customer does not want to hear you talk, she wants to be heard.

Ask yourself, for example, if you normally never interrupt the customer while talking. I’ll tell you why the biggest mistake you can do is to think you can know what is needed and what is right for the customer.

Big mistake! The main objective is always to implement a focused listening to be told by the client what are the needs / requirements / problems … they are obvious or latent.

We begin to understand how important it is today to have a methodology, a Sales Professional System, which allows you to get results?

I propose then another thought. Are you sure that what dating is always the right partner? That is what really able to decide? Or often you lose sales because you could not talk to those who decide and has the power to buy?

I ask because if you do not, you’re only losing time. This you cannot afford because the time dedicated to the sale, in any profession, it is too precious to waste.

Another factor which must absolutely be taken into account to be able to make good use is: What are YOUR differentiators and your uniqueness?

No factors for differentiation and / or uniqueness, only counts again the price. All, I repeat all, or they can create differentiation and unique factors. You must not speak ill of your competitors to differentiate yourself, you just have to know and be able to explain better what you are different or even unique from your competitors. This is what makes the difference! 

Proceeding, if you want to grow your closing skills, you must have clear why a customer should buy your own products or avail of your services, buy your solutions or even what you realize.

In essence, in the phase of questions / listening, you have to understand what are its criteria, its specific yardsticks, i.e. those on which he based his decision to purchase.

Today you are always able to detect them through the appropriate questions?

Do you really think that the most important selection criterion is “the lowest price”? If normally you think that, you’re in trouble …. because I give you a news …

The price is certainly important God forbid, but what you look for your customer, just like when you yourself find yourself in the role of the client, what I always look for is: the best price. And the best price, is not necessarily the lowest price …. 

Lose a sale not when you do not offer the lowest price but when you do not offer the best price !!!

The short seller capable when it goes into difficulties during a sales negotiation manages the discount, a sales leader, if and when it goes in difficulty, manages the value. This is the main difference, this difference is not dependent on the customer but on your ability to sell.

Now let’s see another key point, a critical stepimportant because it greatly impacts, that has a major weight on the possibility of closing a sale.

Are you able to handle objections of your customer type … “it is too expensive” …. “You are too high” …. “You are out of money” ? You are able to do so without acting immediately on the price?

No? Then you have a problem ….

What do you do if your client tells you “Ok I think about it” or “I think” or …. “I have to talk to … .”, ” I need a little ‘time to decide ….” Or typical “Monday we feel … “?

Reply with things like “well … then we feel ….” And let “free” the customer?

If you are acting today in this way,   you have a big problem …

If you cannot handle these objections, chances are you’re already losing more than 30% of your sales!

Here’s what you can do to handle objections effectively …

I’ll explain a simple technique that you can also experience morning. The first thing you should do in front of a “No”, because that is what he is telling you that customer, is: Accept the objection and then immediately do a question.

For example: “Perfect. May I ask what in particular needs to reflect? I ask because I could help you ….

You are there? Do you understand the difference compared to “Ok we feel Monday“?

We see a great example, maybe an ‘ objection on the price.

The first that comes to mind is one I’ve worked on just a few days ago about software solutions company that I am following as a consultant.

Look at Dr. Xxx …. I can tell you that even were concerned about the investment. Then they estimated that with the reduction of the activities required for manual data entry, would save more than 30,000 dollars in one year on labor costs and that this was worth six times the investment of 5,000 dollars we required for our application .. “

It’s just an example, but  you caught the selling technique used here? There are effective techniques to handle any objection …. from “too expensive”, the “I think” and so on … ..

Today, to compete on the market, whatever your field, whatever your business, you would not know how to handle objections.

Whatever your business, you can learn all of the most effective sales techniques and even become a sales professional before …. and then, why not, a real sales leader.

I am sure that what you’ve read so far has given you definitely interesting points. I can guarantee that if you solve 2/3 of the problems we have highlighted, using the tips I’ve given you, this would be sufficient to significantly increase your turnover.

In addition to the items that I could give in this post, if you really want to learn all that we saw together, specifically in experiential form, fun and maybe do it in just 2 days …. I invite you to participate in my class Sales Leadership.

We shall see him with the effectiveness of a professional sales process , the best sales techniques and do it with little theory and much practice. Experiencing together and having fun doing it.

A two-day course during which “we experience” the importance of some instruments and some sales techniques with the advantage of being able to make you relate effectively everything we see and do together in the classroom, to your specific professional reality.

A course, I want to clarify, that is not only suitable for merchants rather than to agents but anyone who carries out a commercial activity, i.e. an activity aimed to sell their products, their services, their solutions or their achievements through a consultative and relational approach.

A course therefore particularly suitable for Consultants, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs directly involved in the sales phase.

I invite you now, especially if you are a consultant, a freelance, a professional, one startupper, a new entrepreneur or if you have a small businessto click the link of the course …

Sales Leadership: Attitude, System Professional and Sales Techniques

… To check the next date and to find out that you can participate with an investment that can easily support.

The ratio investment / content, believe me, it is absolutely high. No coincidence that we are the only ones to offer a “money back guarantee“.

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