Ecommerce: 10 +1 reasons why your website does not work!


The main obstacles to your eCommerce web site and be productive: 11 items to be checked

Your eCommerce or your website appear to do nothing? You do not know where to start to improve the situation? Here are the 11 most common reasons that may reduce performance, and which often do not you think!

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#1 – The graphics are not up to date

Willy-nilly, a website with updated graphics do not push visitors to go elsewhere continuing their sailing: even if the only aspect of template (design, colors, images, etc.) Does not seem to be a determining factor for user preferences, in reality, it may even be conditioned enough to lead them from the competition. But remember! Design aesthetics and functionality. Think of Amazon, looking not you think is the most beautiful site in the world, but anyone with an e-commerce would make their money!

#2 – The font is difficult to read

So the audience can dwell happily on the content inside of a web portal, it is necessary that the same is written with a suitable character font, as well as presenting the right color contrast with the background, it should be large enough to be clearly legibly and having spacing that facilitate the reading. If you are not sure where to start, one of the most repeated in the web rules is: “at least 14 pixels for the body of the text and 22 pixels for titles”.

#3 – The technologies are obsolete

When used obsolete technologies such as Flash plugin, visitors unwilling to weigh down their computers by downloading the frequent updates required by the system, they tend to stop browsing to head the sites where most modern solutions are available (like HTML5), which guarantee the same services without necessarily having to install additional components.

#4 – Users are overwhelmed by commercials

Too much advertising relentlessly stimulates mistrust among users of a website : if the same has an excessive overload of banners, is automatically perceived as too commercial platform on which to place little trust. This is true for more information portals that for e-commerce, but nevertheless, in both cases, it is always better to limit the number of ads, ensuring that the size and position of the same is located appropriately.

#5 – The navigation structure is not clear

How many times you go to a website and get lost as if you were inside a maze? This is not only wrong, but absolutely harmful for user traffic, which, discovering not know where to find the information you want, in just a few seconds may leave the navigation. To solve the problem we must identify with the public in understanding how to seek what it needs and redesign the entire site structure considering above all the logic and practicality.

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#6 – The recording times are too long

Having an online site where you need to register can dramatically lower your conversion rates, especially if the registration takes too long and / or imposes too many questions. So that you can ensure your e-commerce traffic levels on the rise, it is important to reduce to a minimum the operations that visitors must carry out to use the platform in all its functions : in addition to name, last name and email address, to which other information is just not possible to do without? The best compromise is to only ask for the essential.

#7 – The platform is slow

Since, according to research conducted by KISSmetrics, the 47% of users expect to be able to view an online page in maximum 2/2, 40% abandons navigating a portal if within 3 seconds not have the required pages load and level of satisfaction of the visitors decreases by 16 percentage points when the loading of a page exceeds 3 seconds to wait, is important for e-commerce web sites and operators have available the latest generation platforms, able to ensure maximum speed in the loading of various sections available.

#8 – The benefits and features of products-services offered are not clear

If a website can not convey in a transparent manner the benefits and features of products-services, no visitor will ever be well disposed to Purchase, regardless of whether it is an e-commerce portal rather than a portal information, the first rule to follow to increase sales and interest is certainly that of scrupulous explain the peculiarities of what is proposed, so as to encourage consumers to spend.

#9 – Missing the call-to-action

The so-called call to action is the attempt to induce the user to take a specific action such as, for example, fill out a form, buy a product, ask questions, etc. If there is no call-to-action, much of the public (which is not stimulated in any way), instead of proceeding to the desired action, go to the next page, or, at worst, the road changes.

#10 – The site does not meet the public’s needs

Navigate a web site unable to meet their own needs is not only demoralizing, also profoundly irritating: as often happens to look for something on search engines, click one of the available results and find that what was found not care at all? So that you can increase the access trends giving users a good level of acceptance, you give what you promise.

#11 – The portal technology does not fit to the cabinet

Knowing that the use of the mobile devices is growing steadily and that more and more sites are displayed as smartphones and tablets, it is clear what is needed to upgrade the technology of its own platform, adapting to new trends and consumer navigation habits : those who want to offer users a better experience of consultation on the move, must make their own responsive web site, guaranteeing that the design and characteristics such that is pleasing to continue browsing.

These are the 11 reasons that often prevent or improve a web site e-commerce over time their performance: real obstacles that reduce the visits of the public, but damaging the entire business.

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