August 2017

Top tips to recruit successfully for safeguarding roles

Employers whose businesses involve caring for or providing services for children or vulnerable adults need to ensure that those groups are protected in their recruitment processes within a safeguarding policy. It is essential that such a recruitment policy includes checking potential employees’ criminal records. Image Credit Inform job applicants that a criminal records check will be required For certain roles, employers can apply, with the consent of the applicant, for

Business Management

Always looking for new ways to grow your business? Going back to the basics of business management you can find out that we have forgotten a road! Business management is not a mere management of the existing one, but it must always push towards solutions to be implemented everyday to embrace so-called enterprise development. Here are a number of valid tips designed specifically to increase your business turnover in an easy and immediate way.

Bitcoin-Accepting Websites Could Be Inviting in Security Risks

According to recent research from Princeton University, websites that accept Bitcoin transactions are increasingly susceptible to security breaches. Image Credit What Is Bitcoin? As you may or may not know, Bitcoin is a predominantly digital currency that can be used to pay for various goods or services. Special wallets or online service software are needed to enable users to trade. The Bitcoin payment network has no central authority and is

sales funnel

The phrase “sales funnel” often flashes in business publications and various reports. On an intuitive level, the meaning of this concept is clear enough, but, as I already wrote, a businessman should have a firm grasp of the basic terms in the field of economics. So let’s make a small educational program.