Business management: 6 things to do during the summer calm

Business management

What kind of business management should be taken during the summer calm period? Here are six things to do when work slows down and finally we can devote ourselves to small transactions that have been postponed throughout the year.

1- Finding on Google

It seems silly, but if you notice that your business presence in Google is poor, you must intervene immediately to change the route. Start from the base, adopting the customer’s shoes and looking for your company name on the search engine to ask these questions …

  • What information are displayed and how can you improve them by updating or creating your Google Business account ?
  • Is a potential customer able to contact you easily?
  • There are results that can put you in bad light (reviews, bad photos …)?

Spending a little bit of summer time by upgrading online information is a great asset that will come back very useful in September when the rhythms will return forever and it may be a good time to look for the right SEO consultant or ask for a campaign budget estimate AdWords.

Business management
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2- Evaluate data and statistics

When you have some free time and you have statistics or data about the business trend of previous years, you should do a careful evaluation of the same to understand what attracts your customers and what moves them away. Analyzing this information is absolutely necessary for anyone wishing to embrace a growth-based policy.

3- Reflect and re-evaluate

Good business management comes from the various things even by the ability to know how to reflect and reconsider how much it has done to a certain point. Since an entrepreneur is unlikely ever to be mistaken, from time to time, it is necessary to have a good conscience examining what strategies might have been able to produce better results.

4- Solicit arrears payments

Considering that January and February, and September and October are the worst months for business cash flow (because after traditional holidays), in order to prevent some customers from paying the invoices received late, it is advisable to remember to Balance before the holidays. In this way the number of insolvents is reduced and the money is received within agreed times.

Business management
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5- Sort the names of potential customers previously collected

How many times do you find dozens of dozens of business or post-it business cards with names and phone numbers of people to be contacted? And how often are these people actually contacted? When you have free time, it is good to collect and order such names to find yourself in the resume of the activity with a good number of people calling.

6- Review your business plan or create one

Since a business plan generally has objectives to pursue and how to achieve these same goals, anyone without such document goes blind. To achieve good results, it is important to have a business plan that includes the strategies to be implemented in the short to long term and the indicators to measure progress.

These are our six precious tips to follow during the summer months: effective and valid suggestions that make it possible to make the most of the less profitable ones from the point of view of business management!

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