Going on your own: 7 things to know before becoming an entrepreneur and opening an activity

entrepreneur and opening an activity

Setting up on your own is a challenge to be faced with awareness so as not to be unprepared. Here are 7 points that anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur should consider before leaving.

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a great challenge to face with tenacity, motivation and utmost determination: a real common goal of many professionals who, tired of their life as employees, choose to abandon the tranquility of a permanent place to dedicate themselves to the growth of a new business.

But opening an activity is by no means a trivial matter, because those who choose to tackle such a step must inevitably encounter a long series of pitfalls that, if analyzed carefully, can also discourage the most determined person, bringing it to another decision.

So what are these great obstacles against which too often the worker who intends to embrace professional independence collides? Let’s find out immediately together analyzing the 7 points below, which will allow us to better understand what an entrepreneur should prepare to face his choice in the best way!

#1 – Variable gains

Putting oneself into one’s own means also means accepting the possibility of receiving, at least during the StartUp phase, variable gains which, depending on the period, may fluctuate from salary payments more or less regularly to monthly payments without any income. Before opening your arms to such a situation, it is therefore worth asking if you are really willing to make sacrifices and for how long.

Having verified this, it is then absolutely advisable to collect a substantial sum of savings to be used in periods of famine or directly for the development of one’s own business reality.

#2 – Corporate constitution

Choosing to become an entrepreneur implies the ability to launch a business by managing the many bureaucratic cavils in the most correct way: from registration of the new company to the opening of a dedicated current account, through the acquisition of commercial licenses and, more generally, for all those issues purely related to the establishment of a company.

So that it is possible to have immediately drafted all the necessary documents, it is important to turn to professionals in the field as lawyers or accountants who, even if generating an extra cost, are able to guarantee the correct procedure of the entire administrative procedure.

entrepreneur and opening an activity

#3 – The weak points of the entrepreneur

When you choose to open a business, you must immediately realize that all tasks and responsibilities are at your expense: the different roles of the previous job (one employee dealt with the graphics, the other of the customer search, the more of contact with the public, etc.) no longer exist, so you have to decide whether to deal with everything personally (saving money but risking to make mistakes) or asking new collaborators to manage the different tasks.

Whatever the path taken by the new entrepreneur, it is necessary to draw up a list of the various activities to be carried out and to evaluate carefully which require the intervention of another person and how much budget is needed to pay for the same.

#4 – Work space

At the precise moment in which it is hypothesized to set up on one’s own, it is right to establish where the professional activity will be carried out at a concrete level. In this situation the possible solutions are essentially two: at home if you have an environment that allows the proper performance of the job duties or in an office.

In the first case, the economic savings risk colliding with laziness that could take the upper hand in moments of exhaustion, while in the second one must evaluate the financial possibilities. Who proves to be a productive person even in the home environment, at least at the beginning can safely opt for the most convenient solution from a monetary point of view, but if immediately took over, for example, the need to welcome customers in their own home, the search for a new space becomes a must.

#5 – Personal productivity

Becoming a successful entrepreneur automatically assumes the need to know how to self-impose precise situations in which to be super-efficient: those who work for themselves can produce in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even in the middle of the night, but not failing is necessary, as well as demonstrating the highest possible level of constancy, even identifying the best moments in which one’s own person is able to give the maximum.

A notable change, above all for those who are used to the employee’s scanned hours, but which, once digested, can give incredible satisfactions in terms of performance and performance.

#6 – Loneliness

Leaving a job to open a business can generate (at least in the first period) a real feeling of loneliness and frustration deriving from the closure of relationships with old colleagues, owners, customers, suppliers, etc.

To better face this phase of change, it becomes necessary to get to know as many people as possible: the fact of attending meetings, increasing contacts on social networks, intensifying public relations activities and constantly exposing themselves both online and offline. Build a new network of contacts useful for the serenity of one’s own person, as well as for the development of the activity started.

#7 – The results

Putting oneself on your own necessarily presupposes willingness to welcome and overcome daily challenges that those who are addicted cannot even imagine, because working for oneself means learning to face any victory or defeat on a high head , being willing to take merit and when they arrive, even criticism.

These are the 7 major obstacles that should be taken into consideration before choosing an entrepreneurial career: more or less dangerous pitfalls to be managed with a good deal of prior awareness.

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