7 Keys to save when your city is very expensive

Keys to save

Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you how much you save. For someone who lives in a very expensive city, saving becomes a mission more difficult than normal. But … can you save when your city is very expensive?

A study that analyzed the disbursement that consumers in all the cities had to make in the same products (housing, taxes, transport and shopping basket) came to the parallel conclusion that, in most cases, the most expensive cities tend to be the ones with the highest salaries.

If you live in an expensive city and you are unlucky enough to have a salary lower than the average of your neighbors, do not throw your hair out. We are going to give you some tricks to save when your city is very expensive without dying in the attempt.

7 best tricks to save when your city is very expensive

Keys to save

1) Keep track of your daily expenses: Anyone should control their daily expenses. If you live in an expensive city, more than a duty is an obligation. It will be impossible for you to save if you have no idea where you spend your money. Therefore, saving in these cities starts by controlling the expenses of day to day.

2) Pay it all in cash: Although it may seem more cumbersome than throwing a card, if you pay in cash all your purchases you will not only have greater control of the money that comes out of your pocket, but also, seeing how the money is spent, you will become more aware of your expenses and you will force yourself to avoid them.

3) Do not use the car: Surely in your city you have a very good public transport network that allows you to reach any of its ends without using the car. Do not hesitate, park your vehicle and get used to moving by bus, subway or nearby.

4) Avoid the ant expenses: If you add the ant expenses of a whole month you would take your hands to your head. You can assume that you will save between 50 and 100 extra dollars per month if you manage to eliminate these expenses from your daily routine.

5) Watch where you make the purchase of the supermarket: According to a study of the OCU the choice of the supermarket can suppose an annual saving of 947 dollars. In expensive cities, this saving rises above 3,000 dollars.

6) Imagination to power in your leisure time: In expensive cities there are usually many leisure alternatives for all budgets. Although those that force you to go through the box seem more interesting, do not fall into the trap. If you take advantage of the free cultural offer of your city, you will have a great time without spending one dollar.

7) Whenever possible, buy online: If something that costs 20 dollars on average anywhere, in your city it costs 23, do not be silly and buy it online. We live in a globalized world in which borders only exist in your mind. Seize it.

We are completely sure that if you follow these simple tips you will be able to increase your savings rate without reducing your quality of life. We remind you that it is not possible to save more than the one who tries the hardest, but the one who does it in the most interesting way. What do you think of these tips to save more when your city is very expensive?

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