What are the business models?

business models

The business community has asked us for help on how to set the course for obtaining a Million companies as soon as possible.

The business model is defined as the mechanism for generating revenue and profits for the company. Owners should align their businesses to the most appropriate model to their business and revenue goals so rapidly they can get to build a business Million!

business models
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For this there are three business models. Please pay attention and identify what is the way you do business, assess how efficient it is and identifies why your income look like one.

Are you ready?

1) INDEPENDENCE OF OTHER BUSINESSES: They include companies that operate with a unique business model. They have no relationship with other businesses. They have systems to multiply. They are businesses that have been made in the image of the owner. Not grow if the owner is not in business. Their ability to grow is limited because its scope is related to the ability of the owner.

2) BUSINESS NETWORKS: Companies with a replicable business model. Therefore uses commercial vehicles as strategic partners, branches, distributions or franchises to achieve cater to a growing number of customers. The operation is repeated which involves developed systems for controlled more arms commercial operation. They are more profitable.

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3) INTERNET: In this type of business model, your product or service is sold continuously throughout the year, without stopping even for a second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are characterized by viral distribution system, expanding growth at national and international level. A large staff of people, offices or branches is not required, to grow. Only a good marketing strategy and internet sales. They have a sales system that self-reproducing daily. Its sales have no limits, not profitability, but require more control. Its system of marketing and advertising has no boundaries.

The questions now are: what business model you like? And what are you going to do to start right now to scale your business?

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