September 2022

The Benefits of Recycling for Small Businesses

In addition to cutting costs, recycling programmes encourage innovation and change in a business’s culture. Companies can change packaging and processes to reduce waste. As a result, they’ll see an increase in profits. Recycling is also an effective way to promote sustainability, which will become more important as the next generation enters the workforce. Image credit Recycling can reduce waste by up to 50%, which means that a small business

Bridging loans: what they are and how they work

Most people and many businesses don’t have significant liquid funds that can be accessed immediately. Many will have savings or investments that may take a while to turn into cash due to restrictions on withdrawals or the time required to sell items/shares/property and so forth. The purpose of a bridging loan is to enable access to funds in the shorter-term. These loans are usually secured against property, but some lenders

How best to promote your website

Once you have had a website designed by a Web Design Edinburgh agency like, you will want to find as many ways as possible to promote your site. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. Image credit Social media – with more and more people heading to social media to look for recommendations for both products and services, it is important that you think about how

Preparations needed for giving a speech

Giving a speech can result in people feeling very anxious, but it can also be incredibly exciting. There are ways in which you can build your confidence with speaking, and one of the best ways to do this is by attending Public speaking courses like the ones that are available from These courses are designed to give people the skills and techniques that they need to be successful at

Autumn colours in Gloucestershire

As the winter months draw near, there is still one explosion of colour before we are faced with the mild, grey murkiness of December, January and February. Autumn is one of the most dramatic changes in the world. In some cases, it’s even more impressive than spring. The deciduous trees all begin to change colour and show signs that they will shed their leaves and prepare to bud next year.

Commercial Outdoor Lights: How Do They Impact Visibility and Security in Parking Lots?

If you’re running a business and have a parking lot, you probably want to secure your parking area. Lighting is a great way to do this. Not only is it a deterrent to criminals, but it can also reduce glare and energy consumption. In addition, having the right outdoor lighting fixtures installed in your parking lot will also improve employee morale and increase employee safety. Deterrent to Criminals According to

How to Measure Success on a Training Course

If you’re planning a training course, it’s important to know how to measure success. You can do this by creating tangible metrics that help you determine whether or not your course is working. These are called KPIs and they can be anything from increased sales of a certain product to higher levels of employee productivity and engagement. They can also be as simple as a certain percentage of repeat customers.