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5 Reasons to Add a Live Chat Facility to Your Business Website

Live chat is becoming more and more prevalent across a range of business websites as retailers and service providers start to realise the benefits it can provide. Here are five of the most prominent reasons why you should consider adding a live chat facility to your site.

Increased Availability

Live chat can be used to cover times when your call centre might be unavailable. Indeed, some service providers offer twenty-four-hour support, allowing your customers to get help as and when they need it. Not only that, but web chat is an entirely different communication channel – one which some consumers will prefer.

It Can Stop Abandoned Sales

Customers often abandon a purchase if they encounter difficulties while buying, but having someone on hand and instantly available to answer questions can make all the difference. Live chat agents can guide customers through any problems, resulting in a sharp drop in abandoned sales.

It’s More Efficient Than Phone Support

A call centre agent can only deal with one customer at a time, even if they’re talking them through a process that necessitates some waiting around. Live chat agents, on the other hand, can work with several customers at once, maximising their efficiency.

If you currently offer phone support and aren’t entirely sure how to integrate a live chat agent with your website, consider hiring a professional to help you through the process. There are plenty of web designers in Reading, and a reputable agency such as will be able to advise you on the best solution for your business and help integrate it seamlessly too.

Customers Love It!

One of the best reasons to use live chat is that customers respond well to it. Indeed, Forrester reports that live chat is one of the most significant innovations a business can make in terms of increasing customer satisfaction.

It Can Free Up Your Call Centre

Some complicated queries really are best dealt with over the phone – but your call centre agents will often be too tied up dealing with smaller enquiries to provide a timely service to these customers. Web support is perfect for small or simple issues, which a live chat agent can resolve in minutes. This leaves your phone support open and available for those who need it.

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