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5 tools for social media that every marketer should know

social media tools

The targets have been set, your campaign Inbound Marketing is planned and all company accounts are active, you do not just have to start your strategy. Since the world of social media, every detail is important, before pressing return is good but make sure that any content is significant, unique and optimized, after all, the main purpose is to capture the public’s attention in order to increase the lead generation.

Manage multiple campaigns at once in the various social channels, however it is a flurry of activity that requires effort and attention levels are not indifferent to sustain. Fortunately, there are tools that can help in the management of social networks, making you stay abreast of the interactions, trends, keywords and give you all the right information at the right time.

Let’s see, what are the 5 tools for social media that every marketer should know …

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1. Crowdfire for Twitter

Crowdfire is one of the most performing tools you can find on the market to increase the growth rate Twitter account. Available in both App version of the browser, it comes with several features with which you can not only find followers in line with their business, but also to discover the keywords of interest, automate some operations including programming tweet unlimited time or days, in addition to signaling such followers have stopped following you. Crowdfire recently expanded its capabilities even Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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2. Tweetdeck

Another tool that helps manage the Twitter account optimally is Tweetdeck. From well-organized single dashboard, you can control your Twitter feed, focusing on what is relevant to its strategy.

You can also customize the dashboard for example by adding the function to schedule publication of the tweets, or check and receive both the generic notifications that the particulars, to be able to interact with followers in real time.

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3. Research and Monitoring Tool

BuzzSumo is a tool that brings together key feature to set a good strategy of Content Marketing and SEO campaigns. By setting the search with the parameters of most interest, you can monitor the various social channels the most shared content, or those who have obtained a higher number of interactions. BuzzSumo also identifies key influencers based on certain topics.

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4. Tool for SEO

Moz is a tool that improves the SEO ranking of your website, blog or content published on the company, thanks to the research and analysis of keywords. A professional tool, which through the comparison of data, simplifies and reduces the time of the entire workflow.

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5. Graphics

Integrating the textual content of an image greatly increases user engagement. Even if you are not graphics experts, Canva, is a tool that lets you create professional looking images appealing. In addition to providing thousands of free layout, you can download the completed work in various formats (PNG, JPG, and PDF), or share it directly on the account, or send it by e-mail.

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