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Business trends to be ready for in 2024

A new year is often a good time to take stock of your business and plan ahead for what comes next. Analysts are already assessing the trends that are likely to emerge in 2024, so you need to be ready to adjust to these changes in the context of your own industry.

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Remote working

What started as a way to deal with the restrictions of the pandemic is now becoming embedded as a preferred way to work in many industries. It allows increased flexibility.

Skills over education

Many employers are starting to prioritise hiring workers with proven skills rather than those who have the right educational qualifications but no experience.

Increased use of AI

Discussions about AI have dominated recent headlines. Whilst it is unclear exactly how this technology will be used in the future, what is certain is that it is becoming an increasingly prominent part of many industries.


At a time when concerns about the environment and climate change are stronger than ever, more and more companies are looking at ways to change their materials and processes to be more sustainable. For example, electroless nickel coating by surface engineering specialists such as at is more efficient than electroplating.

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Diversity and inclusion

It is becoming increasingly apparent that having a more diverse workforce is not just about ticking boxes. A wide range of backgrounds and perspectives can make your product more accessible to a broader clientele and allow for more creative problem-solving.

Next year’s trends are going to be influenced by the global economy, which is still struggling to recover from the recent downturn, and significant developments in technology and society that change the way we work, the things we prioritise, and the tools we have at our disposal.

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