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Businesses Await the Government’s Digital Strategy

Across the globe, there have been a series of setbacks which have dramatically affected the evolution of a positive ecosystem for technology. Issues including immigration and restricting the healthy flow of talent on both sides of the Atlantic have created a movement of disgruntled entrepreneurs, business owners and investors which threatens to create such a strong force of opposition, that it will transform the strategic approach to digitalisation forever.

However, there’s also a strong call for talent which is born and bred from home. In order to leverage technological advancement, there’s a firm requirement for improved education, training and mentoring which will cultivate local talent. Following endless speculation, the digital strategy released this week could be the turning point for this to happen.

Displacement and Unemployment’s Role in Industry Divisiveness

The globalisation of the digital age has created higher numbers of displacement for workers, causing a distinct chasm between those who benefit from it, and those who are left unemployed. Because of this, the government needs to firmly focus upon education availability for technical centres of excellence which is accessible, universal, and beneficial to our economy.

It’s Time to Stop Mourning

There’s no escaping the reality of our current industry output. We will never be able to access the historically thriving industries such as coal mining, silver smiths and other dwindling, sectors.

It’s time to start looking to the future, to ensure that the next generation of entrepreneurs are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with global experts, forging new pathways for industry growth and development. Rather than allowing our country to fall prey to the organic diminishment of our staple industries, companies such as need to embrace, support and nurture our country’s ability to shine in modern society’s emergent digital technologies.

This is not negative – there is not time to grieve for the evolution of our industry. Instead, it’s time to seize the opportunities available to us, from web design in Belfast through to digital research in Billericay, just as our European friends and powerhouses in China and the US are successfully doing.

As a country with an outstanding track record for forging ahead with early adoption of research, this is not just eminently possible, but absolutely critical for the future of our economy, industry, and employment prospects for the coming generation.

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