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These are the favorite brands of millennial and what makes them special


What makes a brand name from being a heap to become one of the favorite brands of millennials? That is one of the issues of interest and concern to companies, which have not yet very clear how to connect with millennials and do not know what to do often to become the reference option for that market. Brands need to understand the millennials elusive and need to establish certain ideas or characteristics that those who are already succeeding in that audience are doing so to reconnect with them.

To achieve this, the studies listed are the favorite brands of Millennials are often a first hint of what can and cannot do to understand what these consumers want. Analyze these brands and what they are doing can help you understand what makes these special signatures.

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One of the latest studies on the favorite brands of millennials is just introduced. The study analyzed the consumption habits of 1,500 consumer’s millennial function as reference sample and, based on their responses, he has developed a ranking of the brands that most excite these consumers. The big winner as a favorite of millennials is, and may not be much surprise, Apple. The firm perches to the top of the most valuable brands by millennials, followed by Target, Nike, Sony, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Walmart, Amazon, Microsoft and Victoria’s Secret, which closes the top 10 favorite brands.

The list continues with popular names like Google (the 11), Starbucks (12),Pepsi (14), Disney (19) or Adidas (18), and also includes brands closely linked to the specific habits of millennials (as Netflix, in position 31) or very marked by great recent successes (such as Nintendo, mark 17, who lived boom this summer Pokemon Go, very successful in this demographic).

Despite all that is said about millennials and although many traditional companies have seen in recent times their market positions they were complicated because of the millennials and their disenchantment with them, the list also appear many of those brands ever. Ford is number 15, Nestle 69 and Chevrolet 29.

What do these brands?

Analyze what these brands can help you understand how you can reach the heart of the millennials and how it can remain relevant to them. These companies have a few things in common: their advertising campaigns have become very creative, very imaginative and very modern. In general, one could say that brands try to make the best possible technology, remaining as very creative with very surprising messages and campaigns trying to use as leverage to promote conversations on social networks. Companies also try to use the latest possible technologies, which attracted the most attention and connect with consumers. It occurs, for example, with artificial intelligence, which has already entered the campaigns of the favorite brands of millennials.

To this we must add that campaigns tend to put the consumer at the center of the action, making it he who participate in the campaign. For example, to launch one of its latest models of iPhone and strengthen the chamber thereof, Apple did not make the typical campaign to have the wonders of the same, but used pictures of its users as a practical demonstration, serving those pictures on ads positioned on the street.

The ads are sometimes much more dynamic and a more active presence of the consumer. Sometimes, the consumer is the center of the campaign literally. Occurs, for example, companies that make something users have made the vehicle of the campaign or those that allow consumers to advance it (for example, brands that create treasure hunts).

The ads are also not the classic message ‘by this and that we are the best’. Brands that want to connect with millennials have to learn a new language and must be able to be humble. In fact, one of the companies that manage to enter the list, Kraft, it does thanks to a campaign that is based on a failure of brand strategy. Did a tasting of one of its products, he found that people not identified or valued his taste and then threw the story.

That is, finally, the other keyword. Brands that connect with millennials not simply make announcements. In fact, they are building stories, stories that connect with their audiences.

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