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E-mail Marketing: Because you can not do without it!

E-mail Marketing

How do you create a relationship with your potential customers?

How do you update people who want to know about your news and offers?

How do you implement a database of “referenced contacts”?

If the answer is ” only through Facebook”, know that … it’s wrong!

Email Marketing: What is it?

Email Marketing is a marketing technique that uses e-mail to send commercial e-mails and is one of the most used and performing strategies that can be applied on the Net.

Some indicative figures?

  • “Only” until 2017 there were about 3.6 billion e-mail accounts
  • 91% of consumers read every day their e-mail box
  • 66% of consumers made an online purchase as a result of sending a company newsletter

As you well know, e-mail has become a central tool for each of us and, through e-mail marketing, a communication channel is created between the person interested in what we offer  and our company, in order to establish a relationship with the person himself and bring it to conversion (the action we wish to accomplish).

Many believe that the presence in the Social Networks can somehow replace the use of e-mail to keep their customers and potential customers up to date, But it is not at all like this because:

  • Through Social Networks you do not reach all the people who follow you (and even if you reach them by paying, can you give them specific and detailed communication?)
  • Through the Social Networks you can not make a personalized communication for every single person and for what is really interested (a specific category of services or products, for example)

On the other hand, Social Networks are very useful environments to bring people together and then convert them into subscribers to your newsletter.

E-mail Marketing

Moreover, E-Mail Marketing uses relatively inexpensive tools (think of MailChimp that allows you to collect e-mail addresses and send messages for free up to 2000 contacts!), Allows you a type of personal and personalized communication, measurable and useful for most of the objectives that companies have (make themselves known, acquire a list of referenced contacts, sell).

A tactic and tool absolutely to be integrated into any online business strategy.

Ok I understand its importance: Where should I start?

First of all, you already have a database of e-mail addresses of customers or potential clients ?

How did you collect them? Do you have permission to send e-mails from your company? (Pay attention to the legislation on the processing of personal data!)

Please also note that, statistically, an e-mail database loses its value every year that passes (people abandon their e-mail accounts, change their priorities and desires, etc.), which is why it needs to be constantly increased and if it is particularly old, it may have little value.

Whether you start from scratch or not, enter a form to subscribe to your newsletter on your site (perhaps favoring the registration for a benefit, such as a discount or a free resource..look our at the bottom of this post !) and start collecting both offline and online (and legally!), the e-mail addresses of customers and people who are really interested in what you offer.

Forget the purchase of lists or the acquisition of random e-mail addresses: in all likelihood you will only bother and you will also risk being reported for spam.

At the same time choose a good e-mail Service Provider (we point out MailChimp) that allows you to insert and implement lists, create newsletters and monitor your activity constantly.

You will not have a thousand thousand contacts from today to tomorrow, but if you interact well your e-mail marketing strategy with all the other tactics, tools and environments of your digital strategy (SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc) and you will offer value through the your e-mail results will come.

And, probably, it will be one of the best allies of your online company.

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