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How to clear your mind, focus and achieve goals

focus on goals

A Quora answer explains how to clear your mind to focus and better organize work to do

It all started with the question: “What can I learn in 10 minutes I can be useful for the rest of my life?” The answer to this question within Quora, a social network dedicated to information, where users post questions and solutions on different issues by rewarding the answer.

focus on goals
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According to the author of the response (Jim Stone), the response was: how to clear your mind and focus more on achieving objectives.  In its response Jim state in detail the procedure used by him in the points summarized below…

  • Write at the top of a blank sheet of paper the phrase “What I have in mind” and bring the various thoughts in random order;
  • Take another clean sheet, divide it into three columns and name them one “active concern“, a “Maybe later” and “From deleted“;
  • Insert the various transcripts thoughts in the first sheet within a column of the second sheet (if, for example, a thought is considered as superfluous, put it in the “From cancel” and so on).

When all thoughts were associated with the correct column:

  • Eliminate forever from his mind the points included in the column “From delete“, because if such activities have been placed in this section, means that do not matter and can be removed permanently;
  • Consider the points included in the column “Maybe later” as thoughts tend useful in the future to be determined;
  • Focus on the thoughts of the “column Concern active” and place them immediately in your planning system to manage them in a more or less immediate time (a planning system is a kind of timetable-schedule to be used to remember important tasks and avoid delays).

Procedure to clear your mind and maximize performance that to be really effective, should include a number of points relating to tasks unfinished, trips to organize, people to invite to lunch-dinner, to develop skills, skills to learn and more generally, any other activities attached to their lives.

The effectiveness of the method is strongly linked to the fact that it comprises in the lists everything that really need for most analysis and order. To help in this process, here are some things you should always include:

  • Unfinished tasks
  • Trips you want to take
  • People who would like to meet
  • Skills you want to develop
  • Topics to be explored
  • Areas of your life where you feel inadequate: physically, culturally, non-working …
  • Regrets about the choices of the past
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Houseworks
  • Ideas for home improvement
  • Reasons for dissatisfaction
  • etc…

This is described in solution Quora  by Jim that allows you to figure out how to clear your mind and focus to achieve goals: a simple and quick method capable of bringing the best results in less time.

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