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Secrets of a successful sales team

sales team

If your sales team does not work as well as you hoped, and if you’re still racking your brains to find the answer to the question of why this is happening, we recommend you look at how others do. Perhaps it is comparing other businesses with yours to help identify errors. We decided to bring only a small part of the secrets of the success of the teams engaged in sales so that you could analyze the information and adjust your own strategy for organizing the work of the staff.

1. Specialization

Your sales team needs to spend time extremely sensibly and exclusively on what is connected with sales. People should not get stuck in administrative work, fill in bales of documents, perform parallel roles as movers or cleaners, they should do only one thing – to learn how to sell, execute and over fulfill the sales plan. All. These are their direct duties and for this you can demand from them, and leave the rest to the specialized specialists.

You can help your sales team by creating other specialized groups, such as lead generators, project managers, application processing managers, and the like. This will allow each of your professionals to focus on what they know how to do best. In your case – to sell.

2. Motivation and reward

Every member of the team should know that his work will be rewarded properly. At the same time, it is not necessary to confuse salaries and rewards. Unlike wages, remuneration is the thing that inspires people not just to work, but to work better, raise their own level of competence and bring new things to work for sales growth and increase the company’s well-being. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with possible corporate reward programs that are designed with the principle of individual approach, with the knowledge of human psychology in order to turn your corporate goals into personal goals of the individual. These schemes offer the right incentives at the right time to keep the “salespeople” highly motivated and focused on their goal.

sales team

For example, who works in the industry, expect a little more than the standard salary for the extra work done. If you want to attract and retain the best sales professionals, you will have to offer a competitive reward package.

3. Time Management

Every second of the seller’s time means money for your business. In addition to the salary that you pay them, they can generate their income by signing new contracts and fulfilling additional orders. With the best sales teams, time management equals art. They use special software, time trackers, crm-systems, project management programs, gliders and calendars to effectively use every minute of the working day. Their goal is to minimize the daily waste of time and make the sales department work as efficiently as possible. If you successfully master the art of time management, then your team will conclude more deals, which means it will bring more money.

4. Teamwork and communication

Sales professionals often compete among themselves, opposing themselves to each other, while forgetting that work in any company should be a team game, and the ability to work in a team is a vital profession often. A strong sales team are people who work together, help each other, share advice, and provide support.

Everyone who is forced to sell, from time to time, faces refusals, with the breakdown of the deal, and it is more important than ever to feel support and know that there are colleagues who are ready to help and empathize. This preserves the motivation, tunes to an optimistic mood and inspires to move on. A good sales team is a constant support of morale in each of the team members, it is a benevolent atmosphere that generates calm and a sense of security. But it is in such conditions that the most fruitful work and achievement of the set goals is possible. And it is no less important for motivation, as a set of benefits and rewards.

Different people are motivated by different things, for some it’s more than just money. Successful sales teams are moving forward not because of cash reward, but thanks to “intangible assets” – the feeling of comradeship and the inspiring culture of the company, appreciation from the leadership and nice gifts and encouragements (extra vacation, travel, dinner at the restaurant, outdoor activities, ). The New Year is not far off, so you can take aim and begin to act in a new year in a new way!

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