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7 sports business ideas for implementation in 2018

sports business

Finally decided to become an entrepreneur? Congratulations! The beginning of the year is a great time to stop being a hired employee and become yourself a boss. It all starts with an idea. And if you are still at the crossroads, we advise you to pay attention to the sport and everything connected with it. After all, a healthy lifestyle has always been in vogue, and in the last few years, its popularity has only increased. So, you have a chance to take your niche. Here are a few ideas for business that can come in handy.

1. Training centers and personal trainings

More and more people are thinking about starting to engage in some kind of sport. But often they are stopped by one thing – inability, lack of skills and technique. Now sports grounds for street fitness grow like mushrooms after the rain. For sure, in the next yard, too, there is such. But a person looks at all these simulators and understands that sport can be harmful, if not familiar with the technique of doing exercises. Why do not you become a company that will provide a specialist or conduct group training for a modest fee? Street fitness, roller skating, training in running or Nordic walking … Alternatively, you can still sign a contract with the sports club as an independent coach. Thus, you will not incur any additional obligations (except financial) with the institution and will be able to build a schedule of training exclusively at its discretion.

2. Cleaning of sports equipment and inventory

Not every person who has reached the gym is capable of feat to care for his own inventory (some have a maximum – it’s to throw the sports form into a washing machine). Not every gym has more in the arsenal than just a cleaner, and meanwhile simulators and other equipment for playing sports also requires professional care. Think about getting the appropriate skills or pick up personnel to perform this work (repair cars for golf, service simulators in the gym or clean hockey ammunition).

3. MMA-Club

You do not have to own martial arts to open a club for training. We need only useful contacts among professionals, skills in recruiting and entrepreneurial skills in order to find a room, create a coaching staff, remove and minimize the equipment and attract customers. Martial arts have always attracted people not only from a sporting point of view, but also applied – the ability to stand up for themselves. Therefore, with competent marketing, you will always find your client – be it a man, a woman or a child (cited in the section by parents).

sports business

4. Organization of fitness tours

People like to spend time outdoors and for their own health. Perhaps you will find options for organizing sports activities for them. It can be one-day yoga tours to the nearest forest, training in mountaineering, extreme bicycling, training for those wishing to learn snowboarding, hiking through paths of different complexity, even climbing trees.

5. Health Adviser for Business

Every business owner and manager of subordinates wants his people to suffer as little as possible and work as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it makes sense to think about how to give professional advice to such people on the basis of a preliminary analysis of the characteristics of the corporate culture of the company and the organization of people management in general. Of course, here you will need a specialized education and experience (the first such consultations can be conducted free of charge for the portfolio).

6. Sports photography

Suppose that you yourself understand very little about sport, but professionally own a camera. You will be surprised how much you will find ways to apply your skills. If you do not live in a remote village, there will always be a sporting life around you: competitions of various levels, sports clubs and sections, school sports Olympiads and much more. And if it is also a children’s sport, the adoration and attention of the parents of young athletes is assured to you.

7. Playground or babysitting service

Many clubs want to see adults in their clients, but not all of them want to take care of the children of visitors. As a result, many who would like to walk sit at home. Take advantage of this and organize a space where parents can leave their children under the supervision of a nanny or animator while they are doing sports. You can use your territory or rent a room – an apartment (for providing babysitting services) or equip a playground in the shopping center (or even on the territory of the fitness club itself).

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