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Surely, you’ve wondered: “What I need to do when I have the prospect of growing my business?” Let the point: if you do not invest in talent, you cannot build company! You can do business without people; without developing people, but under no circumstances can build a company million have sustained without revolutionize the capabilities of your human capital growth.

Do you want to get great results in a short time from the hand of your team? Consider the following questions…

1) Do people with whom I work are right for the business? Are Probably spending more than necessary, that is, you are not investing. Assesses whether the work they do three or four more or less effectively, could not make one that is motivated by your vision and your goals. Invest in quality, not you integrate your team to a person without the necessary characteristics of the post.

2) You are looking for an employee or talent? The old paradigm of business makes thousands of entrepreneurs believe that employees should have and not with human capital capable of generating a return on investment and increased profits. You just need to convey adequately the processes, motivations and tools to operate. In addition, of course, constantly training the people inciting them to increase productivity focused on growth.

3) When you hire human capital, are looking for a specific profile face of the business pains, business owners often hire people when they consider that this will come out of trouble. Try to find qualified for the position you need to meet people. Do not forget, you cannot do everything, operate also means learning to delegate tasks.

4) Do you count with a highly effective vision for the talent you hire? As we have said many entrepreneurs, when you hire someone you must do so not only to see how solves a problem immediately, but as in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years will be building progressive business value.

5) Your way to hire depends 100% on the capabilities of applicants and your objectivity? Sorry to say that most of the contracts occur emotionally. Either because you are under stress or you called for “a favor” build company under this scheme will represent greater losses. Carefully review the curriculum of people and put them to the test against extreme situations representing a high degree of complexity, if resolved, that person is a pillar for business growth!

If you can convey your know – how to yours, they will feel that they are not working a single day of his life. Do not let the losses seeping through your business, create talent and build a solid company that will lead to sustained growth, achieving predictable results and consolidate as an entrepreneur million. Today is possible! The best way to get the best talent is training you for you to develop the best skills when choosing. So what are you waiting for? Put to work, today!

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