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Key to Sales: Know to communicate!

The key to become expert in sales is summarized in “know to communicate” the question for you is: Communication with clients is effective or not?

Unfortunately, many business owners do not know this and fall into the trap of ignoring what they want customers and focus directly on what they think they need customers!

The truth is that in the great world of business, there is only one way to make money: find out that people want, and then sell it.

So far, you’re right. Your talent is very good and you know it better than anyone. Moreover, you may think that among all the businesses that offer the same service in your area, yours is the best. But if you’re not offering something that your customers really want, they will not be hired. And if they hire you, you’ll soon have a serious problem because, as you offered them what they were looking for, they will not be very happy with you, and tell their friends!

Many business owners have serious problems communicating with its customers. The businessman is frustrated because it seems that the customer does not respect him as an expert. And the customer gets frustrated because the employer seems not to understand what he or she wants. And in the midst of so much frustration, the environment conducive to serious misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, and sometimes even open conflict is created.

Good communication is essential to all relationships and for business. So it is important that better your communication skills if you want to have satisfied and repeat customers.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you can learn is how people make their decisions. This is the key to effective communication. When you learn to listen and speak so that your customers feel comfortable with you and your business, you can begin to help in the process of decision making in a transparent and natural way for them. And you’ve obtained the commitment you are looking for from them. This applies to prospects, customers and employees.

But for you to be quiet, I can tell you this: if you are a good communicator, you will meet such clients less than 10% of the time. So if you are struggling with more than 10% of your customers, the problem is not them; it’s you.

Then I presented a four-step formula to become an excellent communicator…

Step 1- Listen and know your customer

As the best seller first thing you should do with your prospect you are to engage in an informal conversation with them; and ask questions to help you get more information about them, remember that you are hiring so you give them what they want. Believe it or not in this first step fail 80% of the Company.

Step 2- Show interest

Most business owners want to impress their customers with their knowledge, so the first thing they say is something like, “Look what I can do! Or, worse, “I am the expert and tell him what you need.”

To avoid falling into this error, do not try to be “interesting”. The opposite strategy is more effective: shows interest. And when they had asked your customers what they need, hear what they have to say! Also, it takes time to get to know them beyond the project they are requesting. Ask them what their hobbies and passions. Delves a little about their families and their personalities, this will help to trust you and feel comfortable in making the decision to hire you.

Step 3- Establish common ground

Try to build confidence marking the points you have in common with them. Do you both have children? Will they grew up in the same town? Do you have similar interests or hobbies? It is more likely that a customer who is looking for a contractor, agreed welcome you if you can connect with them on a personal level.

Step 4- Make sure if any rightly understood

What they say and what you hear usually is not the same, because we all think differently. So repeat what you heard and ask if you understood well. If not so, asked for clarification until you understand.

Remember this: when you seek to do business, they’re not just buying your products and services; also you are buying from you. Re-invent continually return to your business.

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