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Management: 10 things you can learn from the great successful entrepreneurs


Successful companies always have to teach something useful on the corporate and entrepreneurial minded management: here are ten things to learn from the big …

Successful companies, with their history, have always to teach something useful on business management and innovation capacity and response to the difficulties.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur often starts by looking back at those companies and men who have walked our same steps before us.

We find then in 10 points how we can improve our business management, looking at the example of the many successful companies who have gone before, and changing our business and strategic mindset.

#1- Ensure a high level of customer service

To be able to strengthen its business making it more competitive, it is necessary to offer consumers a customer service up to their expectations. Respect, kindness, friendliness and willingness to listen, but also safety, professionalism and expertise are all essential factors to convey to the public to assure the desired support and make you happy.

Large technology often make school from this point of view: IBM, Apple and Google have reinvented customer service starting from these points!

#2- Make sure that you talk about your company and its proposals

Owning a good business mentality also means being able to talk to the buyers of the assets made available by its commercial reality. The best tools to accomplish this are definitely the advertising (printed, radio, television, online, etc.), The social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), The teaser campaigns (preliminary sponsorships impactful used to elicit curiosity at the launch of a new article) or the drawing-disclosure of content, press releases and post created specifically to best present a certain product-service.

#3- Adapt to new markets

Given the fact that (especially nowadays) the market is subject to constant change , if you want to become a successful entrepreneur must do whatever we can to adapt quickly to any new taxes from its sector. They change the technology or consumer demands? Proving more openness and flexibility, it becomes easier to ensure the company you work for a good advantage over the competition.

A good example there, for example, comes from Ryanair, which managed to take in a world ever more in need of low-cost efficient transport space to carve out a significant niche market.

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#4- Encourage consumers to try your products or services

An important rule of good business management states that to ensure greater appreciation for a certain product or service, you must have it tested to consumers before purchase.

Apple surely is a typical example, the Apple Store that provide the opportunity to try all the products in a unique and dedicated. Without going too far a great example more down to earth is the cheese counter market. A taste of a product not only makes you want to buy (assuming it is a good product) but also puts the prospective buyer in the situation of “feel indebted” for tasting.

The neuro-marketing professionals need to define compensation , to be clear: the need to reciprocate a gift that we feel when a friend comes to dinner and bring a small gift, the next time we will feel at home in duty to reciprocate.

#5- Leverage Social Media Marketing

Most successful companies operating in the contemporary market caters to customers through social networks for that timely communication is everything about offers, news, promotions, urgent communications, etc. …: this channel (utilization) primarily serves place to maintain a direct connection and timely between the public and the commercial structure.

One of the best examples is Coca Cola has always been a brand that makes school for all marketers and communication.

#6- Listen to the advice and ideas of others

A winning entrepreneurial mindset is also one that can take into account the opinion of others. Whether it’s insights or advice provided by customers, employees and suppliers matters little: those who want to achieve good results, after listening to everyone’s opinion, it must demonstrate the ability to select and easily take advantage of the best ideas.

Lego (is the company of bricks) for example has a real laboratory where always open accept advice and suggestions for its future products.

#7- First innovates, then perfects

Anyone who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur should definitely be aware of the fact that, prior to perfect you have to stand out from the crowd through constant innovation is more important to follow the changes in the market trying to do everything possible to always accommodate the needs of the public or fossilize the idea of making a flawless product that in a few years might not be of interest to anyone?

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#8- Pay attention to design

Another ingredient that allows the holder to embrace the proper time management is certainly to pay attention to the design of the proposed articles. Regardless of whether you sell furniture, home-office, rather than appliances, televisions, or sport equipment, usability with aesthetic pleasure to play a key role in consumer choices more an object is simple to use and is designed for use, the better the chance that someone will buy it. Today there is only one company that can escape the need for special attention to design its products, packaging, shops, sites … etc…

#9- If it considers this necessary increase prices

Despite the successful companies know perfectly well that (occasionally) need to increase the prices of products offered to align to market changes, the entrepreneurs also intimidated by the very idea of inflation continue to remain still very many. Most of these fears a negative reaction from the public and would rather sell out than to receive criticism, but such a strategy can only generate over time less and less manageable workloads and a drastic devaluation of the offer.

If you offer, a valuable product and the price should follow that value. Selling a product that is 100 to 80 may initially help you sell more, but then threatens to devalue the product in the mind of the consumer!

#10- Retain customers

Every self-respecting company focuses much of the energy available on the retention of a number of growing customer : strengthen ties with buyers allows to deploy them on your side, moving them away from competitors and becoming for them a point of reference of which it seems impossible to do without.

This is our list of 10 strategies to be put in place to adopt a corporate policy projected growth : professional solutions to take advantage of every day with the primary objective of maximizing profits by reducing the effort.

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