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The smartphone overcomes the computer as the device most used by SMEs

Although a few years ago, the use of mobile phones was much lower than that of computers today, smartphones have become the tool of choice to manage and administer our business. The number of functions that are able to perform are constantly increasing and are even replacing the ability of computers to perform certain tasks.

the-smartphone-overcomes-the-computer-as-the-device-most-used-by-smesNot surprisingly, today, smartphones have already overtaken computers as the most used tool by companies , as certifies a study by Vodafone on digitization of SMEs and the self – made from 7,885 surveys they have been carried out through the web “Because you have to be”.

According to this study, smartphone penetration has surpassed computers in SMEs(89.2% from 78.1%). Among the tools used highlights email, with a penetration of more than 85%, followed by office automation tools, which have risen as resources that facilitate the work of SMEs and autonomous, with penetration over 70%.

However, despite the high penetration of smartphones in SMEs, the use of customer management systems and products still does not exceed 45%, and business applications only reach 20.6%. Furthermore, only 35% of businesses use storage systems in the cloud in their day to day.

In addition, there is a fairly large gap between sectors for digital protection services, as the figures in wholesale trade (51.6%), industry (54.6%) and services (49, 1%) contrast with data from the hospitality industry, for example, which does not reach 30%.

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