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How to make the most of your self storage space

Self storage space is invaluable if you are relocating, renovating your home, or if you own a business and you require extra storage. Using the space wisely will allow your budget to go further.

Plan how to lay out your items

First, you will want to plan the layout of your storage unit. Whether you access it once a day or once a month, planning how you place your valuables is essential. If you don’t, you could find your unit disorganised and cluttered, and you could waste much-needed space. Place heavier items against the walls and leave a space in the middle for access. You could even draw out a floor plan before you begin.

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Label your items clearly

If you have a business and you want to pack items up for storage, make sure everything is labelled clearly. Use smaller boxes for paperwork and larger ones for tools, and affix a label to each box. You could also write a list of what is in each box. Again, plan ahead as this makes unpacking much easier.

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Disassemble your home furniture

If you are moving house, you may need temporary storage space. Take your larger items apart and store them in bubble wrap or other coverings. This includes sofas, bedside tables and even wardrobes and desks. Remember to keep the nuts and bolts and place them in a clearly marked box or bag, making a note of which item of furniture they belong to.

If you require self storage Swindon, companies such as will have what you need. According to Love Belfast, the changes in the global economic market as a result of the pandemic, as well as the increase in people working remotely, has led to an increase in demand for self-storage.

Make use of shelving or racks

While shelving takes up space in the unit, it does give you additional room. Being organised and thorough in your approach to filling your unit, is essential. Racks can be used for smaller items or for those that are used more frequently.

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