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How does a pneumatic conveyor work

There are many items in a business and a warehouse that cannot simply be picked up and moved by a forklift truck or manually by a human being. When material is dense and compact it becomes easy to manage and can be transported relatively easily. When that material and resource is something light or is on small pieces it then becomes a problem. However, Pneumatic conveying systems, such as those from have been developed to enable the movement of such products.

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Pneumatic conveyors work by pushing the product through the carry tube. Pneumatics work on air or liquid pressure building up behind a solid object that then moves the product along the pipe or tube to its selected destination. When it reaches this point it can either be emptied directly into a holding tank, mixed with other materials or dumped straight into a van or tanker ready for transport.

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The kinds of products and resources that are commonly transported in this way are usually small items that can not be contaminated with dust and or human contact. Examples of this are medical pills like paracetamol and penicillin. Other examples would be potash and animal feeds. These are not items that can be moved in any other way other than by the use of pneumatics. They need to arrive at their desired storage tank of vehicle in a pure and not impure state.

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