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Preparations needed for giving a speech

Giving a speech can result in people feeling very anxious, but it can also be incredibly exciting. There are ways in which you can build your confidence with speaking, and one of the best ways to do this is by attending Public speaking courses like the ones that are available from These courses are designed to give people the skills and techniques that they need to be successful at public speaking. There are also some key preparations that you should undertake when getting ready to give a speech.

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Acoustics – it is important to have visited the venue before your speech, where this is possible, so you can make yourself familiar with the acoustics. If you have always practised your speech in a space that is quiet and has great sound qualities, but your venue is noisier and less adjusted for sound, you will need to alter your pitch and tone when speaking.

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Equipment – there is nothing worse than turning up to deliver a speech to find that the projector doesn’t work with your laptop. Make sure that you check the equipment out beforehand and that you are sure it is in fully working order.

Timings – make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to the venue before your speech and to give yourself some time to sit and relax and go over your notes one last time.

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