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How to Improve the Security of Your Garage Door

A garage door may seem like a trivial part of your home, but burglars often use the door to gain entry into the house. That’s why it is vital that homeowners take this overlooked entry point seriously. Here are a few ways to improve the security of your garage door.

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Make sure the garage door’s lock is secure:

Padlocks and simple in-built locks on garage doors are easily cut with bolt cutters or picked by a criminal intent on stealing. Instead, opt for a lock that is hard to break into, such as a high-security deadbolt. For new Garage Doors Swindon with improved security, go to

Reinforce the emergency release cord:

More and more people are embracing the ‘garage as a living space’ trend, and this means that the garage is becoming a home entry point for burglars. Using a Garage Shield to cover the emergency release cord makes it impossible for a thief to use the cord to open the door. It’s easy to fit, affordable and increases your home security without compromising on safety.

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Increase visibility:

Keeping a clear line of sight from your garage is important, especially when it comes to the windows that are included in many modern doors. Ensure that plants, hedges or bins don’t obscure the view of your garage entrance and try to strategically plant thorny shrubs to discourage criminals from hiding behind them. You could also install motion activated lights to ward off any criminals by startling them with a burst of light and causing them to run away.

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