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What Do You Need if You are Setting up as a Painter Decorator?

There is a great deal of demand for painting and decorating services, and home improvements are always high up on peoples to do lists. For many people, the best way to do this is to hire a painter and decorator who will get the job done properly.

If painting and decorating is something that you are considering doing for a living and you want to set up on your own, here are some of the things that you need to consider…

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Training – To make sure that you are able to provide a good service and high standard to customers, you should have the appropriate training. Many colleges do courses for budding painter decorators, or if there are certain skills that you want to focus on and improve, take a course in that in particular.

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Equipment – When you set up your company you are going to need all the equipment which can be expensive. As well as things like paintbrushes and rollers, you will also need to consider larger items such as transport. A van is a necessity for a painter decorator, but you can save money by buying a used van from somewhere like this used vans for sale Bristol based company

Insurance – When you set up a business, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance in place to protect you. Research what you need and what applies to you, such as business contents insurance, and public liability insurance for example.

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