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What is composite coating?

Composite coating is a surface treatment used to protect metals from corrosion, usually made up of substances such as epoxy and resins. Due to its anti-corrosion and waterproofing qualities, it is a popular choice for a range of applications.

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Which metals benefit from composite coatings?

Any metals that corrode on contact with water benefit from composite coatings. In addition to resins, nickel composites provide protection from the elements and resistance to their corrosive effects. This helps to lengthen the lifespan of the metal, meaning that it can be used in a range of applications. More information on nickel composites is available from surface engineering specialists such as

How are nickel coatings applied?

According to Science Direct, nickel coatings not only offer ani-corrosive qualities but also provide a lubricated surface with low friction. This is ideal for tools and engineering equipment with moving parts, making them long-lasting.

Nickel coatings are applied using electrolytic techniques. The metal is submerged in a solution containing electrolyte salts and an electric current is passed through it. This causes a thin layer of nickel to adhere to the metal’s surface.

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Another way to apply a nickel composite coating is through electroless methods. This works in a similar way in that the metal is placed in a bath of nickel salts; however, the coating is applied through a chemical reaction rather than electricity and creates a thin yet effective coating on the surface.

Why choose nickel composite coatings?

In addition to providing a smooth surface and protecting metal objects from rust and damage, nickel coatings provide other benefits. They make the surface of the metal much harder, which means it is less likely to become scratched or worn out. Nickel coatings give a shiny appearance, which can be used to make metal objects look more attractive; for example, applying it to a motorbike exhaust not only enhances the function of the pipe but also gives it visual appeal.

Composite coatings are an essential part of metal finishing for a wide range of uses and an indispensable hallmark of modern metal engineering.

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