Why brands are publishing more than ever on Facebook?

Social networks have become a critical part of the communication strategy of companies but also in a part that creates certain problems. Facebook was a sort of juju at first, a space in which brands had a potential audience of millions of people and which reached massive amounts of them. Companies only had to open a page to quickly connect with the audience and start posting messages on a regular


What makes a brand name from being a heap to become one of the favorite brands of millennials? That is one of the issues of interest and concern to companies, which have not yet very clear how to connect with millennials and do not know what to do often to become the reference option for that market. Brands need to understand the millennials elusive and need to establish certain ideas

Corporate social responsibility

Gone is what Milton Friedman said in 1970: “the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”. Over the years it has been demonstrated to think about the common good and make money is perfectly compatible. The Corporate Social Responsibility programs are very useful for enhancing the value of the brand, one of the biggest intangible assets that have businesses in these times. This well know companies that are suffering under

Paper catalogs

Catalogs stores are one of the conquest consumer practices that are still used today to have a rather long history. The first attempts to catalog sales back to the fifteenth century, although, in fact, the boom of catalog sales is in the nineteenth century, when the consolidation of postal services and the boom of the railroad allowed quickly deliver purchases made consumers who could not be in the physical store catalogs