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Business Plan

We asked science for help in defining in more detail the strategic role of the business plan in the growth and development process of a company. When you are about to start a new business, is it better to take the time to develop a business plan or throw yourself headlong into the new business by facing what happens as new opportunities arise, problems, or changes in general? It is

business plan failure

A fundamental element for the start-up and growth of a company, the business plan must be studied in detail: here is a list of errors that can cause it to fail.  An effective and artfully designed business plan is the foundation stone for the future of your business. However, if your business plan has gaps or errors, they will ultimately affect the management of your business. The business plan should

Businesses to Start at Home

We have always thought that to start a business requires a large capital and a lot of time available. And although this premise has some truth, the good news is that there are excellent low-investment business alternatives that you can start quickly and with low budget. If you are looking for something that you can undertake without neglecting your important activities such as family, university or doing it part-time and

successful business plan

You have started your business or are about to launch your start-up. You have clear ideas, not all but almost. You have studied the market and the product you want to launch; you have planned your business; you have identified your partners, suppliers and potential customers. Now comes the hardest part. You need capital! We need to find a person who believes in your business idea. You tried with the


Since the launch of a new product, the request for a loan, through the signing of trade agreements. The purpose of a business plan are many, let’s see how to draft it better and make it effective. Because when you are managing a business it is important to do a business plan? For the simple fact that this particular document, as well as allowing the identification of business strategies to


The business plan is vital for proper business management. If developed poorly, it can be a source of problems: Here are 5 classic mistakes to avoid being drafted … What are the fatal mistakes made during the making of a business plan? Let’s find out right away with analyzing step by step the five following points: more or less frequent mistakes to recognize and avoid before causing the company problems.


The Business Plan is now part of the business culture. But, in addition to being known, it should also be handled in the correct way: How to choose the expert consultant? Hearing about a business plan consulting firms is becoming more common, both in the environments surrounding the innovative start ups in both those typical of the most traditional companies. The business plan is now coming slowly become fully part of the entrepreneurial culture


In making a business plan, the part that requires more care is the Executive Summary here of the essential elements and the advice of two famous manager for proper document preparation Executive Summary: Definition and Meaning What is the executive summary? As the word itself suggests, is a summary prepared especially for managers who need to get an idea of a long document, without losing too much time, or without

Realistic budget

Because a realistic budget is the key to success of your business plan? 4 Points to open a business and start off on the right foot. When you decide to open a business, how important it is available to the new business project budget? Let’s find out right away with analyzing step by step the 4 points listed below, which will allow us to better understand the actual importance of the capital during the StartUp!