managing social networks

Who said that social management must be complicated? Online you can find the tools to make it efficient and effective: Here are 6 tools to optimize the management of your social networks … KEY POINTS 70% of social network users consult their accounts every day (Global Web Index): regularly propose new content; Planning your publications is simple and effective with free tools like Hootsuite or Buffer; Analyze your social strategy

SEO optimization

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential to optimize online stores to ensure their success. The activities to be undertaken and the tools available are many: let’s see them in detail with the experts … Before starting, let’s see what are the key points to consider … 9 clicks on 10 are recorded on the first page of Google. Take advantage of the free tools that help you analyze


How to plan a strategy for social media marketing for your E-commerce? A Guide in 3 Steps to Starting aware… Before you begin, note that… Social networking and social media marketing for e-commerce represent a potential additional source of revenue. Thanks to the storytelling, you can build your reputation and develop a brand identity, enhancing your products. Adapts the content of your e-shop based on the social networks used: games-contest,

Increase traffic

The advice of experts for your e-commerce. Google 7 tips for a strategy to make best use of available levers to boost sales and traffic to your site e-commerce The 80% of people use Google every day, is to look for information is to buy online. Take action, enhances your presence on the largest search engine in the world! Bet higher traffic reducing acquisition costs. Take advantage of the new tools developed

Chinese e-commerce

China fails to leave behind the ghost of counterfeiting on what products it distributes are concerned. Although the e-commerce market in this country is remarkable and growing fast, its leaders have been unable to break away from this scourge, as demonstrated by a recent study published by the Chinese administration itself. Specifically, almost 40% of the products are distributed through e-commerce from China are fake. This emerges from a report by the

Keys on competition

The development of electronic commerce is a fact and more and more consumers opt for this mode of purchase. In fact, online stores have clear guarantees, among them ease of access to products, fast service and, most importantly, the frequency with which they can update and fix the prices of their products and services, as well as promotions and discounts. A pace that can hardly cope with traditional businesses that are