Why brands are publishing more than ever on Facebook?

Social networks have become a critical part of the communication strategy of companies but also in a part that creates certain problems. Facebook was a sort of juju at first, a space in which brands had a potential audience of millions of people and which reached massive amounts of them. Companies only had to open a page to quickly connect with the audience and start posting messages on a regular


Social networks represent for companies powerful means of communication with customers, potential or acquired them to be. Let’s see what are the tools offered by Facebook to promote their products and services. Want to advertise on Facebook, but do not know where to start? Here is a practical guide that will help you set correctly your items, allowing you to reach the right target audience without wasting money unnecessarily: a simple manual describing the 3 main

10 Reasons to use facebook in business

Facebook has already surpassed the barrier of 1 billion members, will continue to grow … and more and more people will see Facebook with business purposes. For many new people on Facebook, at first glance, the site may seem frivolous, that makes you lose time, and it is not useful to a business. I am passionate about Marketing on Facebook for all the features it has, and well used are