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5 reasons to consider a role working from home

If you are thinking of changing jobs or looking for a fresh start, it’s worth bearing in mind that the corporate world has transformed dramatically in recent years. There have been cultural changes in terms of staff wellbeing and work-life balance and a huge change has been the increase in flexible working.

Flexible working allows workers and companies to have greater flexibility in where and when they work. The pandemic accelerated the move towards flexible working, as companies and institutions put systems and processes in place to allow working from home – and found that there were considerable benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to consider a role working from home.

1. Choice

Remote working means that you can take a role based anywhere. You are not tied to the local economy in your area and can seek opportunities further afield that may have better conditions. For example, a virtual PA Bournemouth from an agency such as is perfectly able to do remote work for a company based in London.

2. Cost

Commuting can be expensive, so WFH can save you money. It also removes the opportunities to spend money, like on a last-minute lunch, and means that you can make more considered decisions about what to spend on.

3. Work/life Balance

Cutting commuting time and working in privacy from home can also improve work/life balance. Many people who work from home choose to do household tasks in their breaks and this leaves them with more free time in the evenings and weekends as a result.

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  1. Flexibility

    Working from home means you don’t have to pay extra to get parcels delivered on certain days or take holidays when the plumber needs to visit, saving you time and money!

    5. Health

    Working from home allows people more time to go for walks or to the gym at lunch, to prepare better food during breaks and to just take a minute to themselves. This improves physical and mental health and resilience.

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