CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) usually refers to a whole range of commercial and communicative business activities that help improve relationships with customers and prospects. CRM’s good or bad we all know what it is, as we are more or less all agreed that with a well-defined strategy and the support of the most appropriate technology, making CRM can really make the difference in customer management.


Need to manage all the information that you have of your customers and leads but do not know how? The best option is to bet on the use of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management system): This is software that will allow your company logs all interactions that occur and to carry out a thorough monitoring them. The implementation of a CRM will allow you to manage and know all


The sales manager “old school” tends to assess the performance of its sales on the basis of the results achieved and often manages the organization based on his instinct and his subjective knowledge of the people; without following a precise plan. The moreover, according to a 2015 study conducted by The Bridge Group, only 66% of the sellers of a particular team manages to reach the expected sales quotas. A