5 More Ways Your Business Van Drivers Can Record Their Mileage

5 More Ways Your Business Van Drivers Can Record Their Mileage

In a follow-up to our previous blog on how companies can record their business mileage, here we take a look at five more top tips on how keeping accurate records can have a positive impact on your business.

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6. Capturing Your Information with an App

Drivers who are connected to their smartphone can download an app which records mileage and separates business miles from personal ones. This option is available from a number of car manufacturers, including Audi, that apps free of charge to users. With the continued growth of smartphone use, this alternative is a convenient option, although some apps do not work with certain smartphones.

7. The Sat-Nav Option

Using a sat-nav to plan a journey can offer a mileage recording option which is an easy fix if companies provide their drivers with such devices, although some factory-fitted ones don’t have this option.

8. Fuel Cards

Providers of such cards can offer built-in mileage recording software. The system works with the driver giving the cashier the mileage from their vehicle when paying for fuel; and although it can speed up monthly claims, it can be problematic as it relies on drivers providing mileage updates at the counter and cashiers remembering to ask.

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Before moving on to the last two top tips, it is worth noting that recent tightening by the government surrounding business mileage expenses mean that now, more than ever, employers are required to pay meticulous attention to the expenses claimed by their employees. The motor industry across the board – from fleet management providers to experts in plylining or parking sensors such as http://www.vehicle-accessories.net all have a part to play.

9. Fleet Management Software

For companies that already use such software, it makes sense to have an integrated system which captures mileage data. However, its complex functionality needs to be considered.

10. Telematics

Finally, a tracking device that is installed in vehicles can allow drivers to input the reason for a journey – whether that is for business or pleasure. Logging on to the application will allow the software to produce an expense report. On the plus side, it offers an accurate recording system, although it is worth bearing in mind that it is the most expensive option for capturing data.

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