Binary System

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Technology plays a massive part in all our lives now. From catching up with friends on smartphones to conducting video conferences at work or checking social media for news, it is central to how we live. One sector that technology has made an especially large impact on is stock market trading. Before technology made its presence felt, this was largely a physical activity that was mainly open only to professional

Vanilla options

Have you ever heard of the Vanilla options? This is a very popular tool especially by investors who wish to speculate, even if – in fact – their use could be well used even for hedging purposes and, therefore, for those who want to cover some specific risk. Attention, in fact, not to confuse the term “options” with “binary options”: the Vanilla options are not a sub-category of binary options,

Binary options

Binary options expiring 5, 15 and 30 minutes, are probably binary options most used by traders operating in the binary options market. In fact, the deadlines to 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes, are the most common deadlines for binary options. After all, it is the most flexible and easy to manage deadlines (especially compared to the short-term maturities, such as those to 60 seconds). In our article, we