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Three ways technology made stocks tradeable for everyone

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Technology plays a massive part in all our lives now. From catching up with friends on smartphones to conducting video conferences at work or checking social media for news, it is central to how we live.

One sector that technology has made an especially large impact on is stock market trading. Before technology made its presence felt, this was largely a physical activity that was mainly open only to professional traders. These employees of large banks or brokerages would actually stand on the stock market floors in person to open or close trades.

However, since technology has been used within stock trading more and more, this is no longer the case.

How has tech helped to open stock trading up to all? 

One of the main ways that tech has changed trading stocks is to make it available to everyone now. Here are some of the main ways that this has happened.

The internet 

Since it first came into life as we know it around the early 1990s, the internet is the one thing that has changed everything in our lives. Stock trading is no exception, and it is the rise of internet technology along with more sophisticated computer tech to use it on that has made the most waves. As long as you have a device that is connected to the internet, you can trade stocks from anywhere.

Ordinary people wishing to trade stocks now can do so with the many online platforms out there to use. These are not only simple to understand but also contain many charting features that make stock trading much easier for normal people. These online broker platforms also allow you to begin trading stocks with a lot less initial capital than in days gone by.

Online news 

As well as the nuts and bolts of stock trading opening up thanks to the internet, it has also made it much easier to access the news you need to succeed. Traders can sign up with an online stock market data provider now that gives them all the latest news. This type of advance news and detailed analysis would have been nigh on impossible for ordinary people to get access to in the past. In a way, technology has made stock trading less of a closed shop that needed the right contacts to pursue.

Allows for trading to fit your lifestyle 

Technology has also changed stock trading from being a full-time career option that most normal people could not access. Now, you can easily check the latest news and manage your open portfolio from your PC in just a few minutes at night. With mobile phones and tablets being also eligible to trade via, technology has made it simple to fit stock trading into your busy life like never before, wherever you are.

The world of stock trading is open to all 

The real impact of technology on trading stocks is that it has made it something that we can all do now if we wish. Pretty much everyone has a PC or internet-connected device in the modern world, and with the starting capital being so low, there really are no barriers anymore thanks to tech.

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