Stock Market Investment

Being Recruited As A Stockbroker

So, you have a good degree in business, science or maths related subject, and you want to get rich; preferably, filthy rich. I’m not going to say there aren’t other options, even more realistic options, but stock trading is one of them.

What is it and how the stock market works?

The stock exchange is a private organization that provides the necessary conditions for companies that need capital ( demanding money ), and individuals and companies that have capital ( suppliers of money), transacting purchase and sale of securities, such as stock companies or limited companies, public and private bonds, certificates, diplomas of participation and a wide variety of investment instruments. When a person or company buys a title value, acquires

How to Start Investing in Stocks in College

Interested in making money while attending the University of Cincinnati? There are a variety of ways you can earn income while you’re hitting the books, one of them being stock investments. Investing in stocks can be profitable when done strategically. However, coming up with that strategy is another story. Unless you’re a kid prodigy, you likely know nothing about the stock exchange and how to invest. But don’t worry –