Property Investment

How to Plan your First Home Renovation

If you are planning to buy a property which you can renovate, this is a real labour of love. It can be an exciting time, as well as something that will be financially beneficial to you in the long run as the property gains more value.

The Process of Getting New Housing Developments Built in the UK

There is no secret that new homes are needed in the UK. New homes are something that are needed for many reasons – they are able to provide people with the space they need and they also offer various schemes which can help first time buyers to own a property of their own. Image Credit However, in order to make it from the planning to the newly built stage, there

What do architects do?

Being an architect is one of the most interesting and rewarding roles that anyone could wish to do. There are very few jobs that class model making as being a skill but it is something that an architect may well be required to do. Poole Architects can testify to that. If you are considering being an architect then here is a brief overview of what you can expect. Image

The land not left behind

Throughout the world our relationship with the land and soil has changed massively with one exception, we need soil to grow food and provide grazing land for animals. There has long been debate amongst scientists as to what the point is when there are too many humans and not enough land to feed them. Given that the population is rising, and aging, these questions, in light of environmental changes, have

Financial details you need for a mortgage application

25 years ago getting a mortgage was a simple affair. Applications could take less than an hour, if the person applying had everything, they needed to answer the questions the Mortgage Seller had for them. However, a financial crash in 2008 suddenly exposed how easy it was to get such a long-term crippling debt without proper checks. Worse, it seemed that Mortgage sellers, because they were targeted, were putting profit