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Secrets on how to recruit high-quality candidates in your business

How to recruit high-quality candidates

One of the most important things you do in your business is hiring employees. If you have the right people, everything will be fine: the tasks are performed on time, meet dates and profits will increase rapidly.

But, if you have a bad team, you will see how difficult it is trying to grow your business. You’re not going anywhere, because bad employees stop you and make you lose valuable time.

This means that the success of your business starts with hiring the right people. Let me share with you a successful Recruitment Process 4-Step that will help you know how to select the best candidates for your business.

How to recruit high-quality candidates
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This process is based on the following tips…

  • More likely to choose the right person if you are looking for a large number of candidates.
  • If you perform a process of multiple interviews in stages, you will not waste much time on lengthy interviews with candidates who do not qualify.
  • You can see which candidates have the best performance if you apply them to participate in a group interview, and to complete some tasks as part of their hiring process.

Do you want me to tell you a secret? Most business owners hire their employees for their skills, but dismiss them because of their attitudes. So that hired someone because they had good grades, but did not know that the same person had bad attitudes, and fired when the trouble began. How can you avoid this happen to you? If you hire someone who has a good attitude, it is easy to train them to obtain the necessary skills. But you must be careful and know the candidates well before hiring them. You need to have both skills and good attitude, because these are good candidates. If you know how to identify such candidates, you will succeed in hiring employees.

Our “Recruitment Process in 4-Steps” will help you do this…

STEP 1 – Establish what you want to Prepare Your Vacancies

First, you must clearly define the tasks and responsibilities that will have the vacancy. Then define the characteristics and qualifications of an ideal candidate.

For example, tasks can include answering phones, handling wages, billing, accounting, and make purchases. The characteristics and qualifications for such a post include detailed attention to tasks, teamwork mindset, work ethic, and administrative experience.

In your advertisement for the vacancy, be sure to include all requirements: tasks, characteristics and qualifications. You should also mention the salary you earn the person hired.

STEP 2 – Attracting Qualified Candidates

After you have clearly defined job requirements, it is time to start looking for the best candidate. At this point it is important to know to look for the right people in the right places.

If you do not know where to start looking, below we listed some strategies you can use to attract good candidates:

First look into your business. You may have employees who can give them a promotion. Start with your own employees to see if they have someone who can do the job.

  • Call people who worked with you before and they did a good job.
  • Put a sign near your business. You may have talented people looking for work in your area.
  • Put an ad in the newspapers and local newspapers.
  • Put an ad in the publications of the associations to which you belong.
  • Put an ad on sites such as Monster, OCC, Jobs, and other similar sites.
  • Look Resumes in databases of sites on the internet.
  • Put an ad in universities.
  • Send an email, announcing the vacancy to your vendors, customers, and friends.
  • Set incentive recruitment and tell your team. When will you deliver your checks, you give them a copy of the incentive plan, with clear explanations. Make sure it’s a plan of attractive incentives to your employees and that they want to participate.
  • Go to events recruitment of professionals and do not forget that every conversation is an interview potential.
  • Public your ad in the newsletter of your company or your website.

STEP 3 – The Interview

Candidates usually present with a curriculum, where include information about your work experience and education. But these documents are only pieces of paper. So you can make a good decision, you need to know your candidates personally and find out who is the best for your company.

I recommend you do a “stepped” or piecemeal approach. First, you can start with phone calls to weed out people who do not meet the experience you are looking for. This will leave a list of the best candidates, who can go calling for personal interviews. So you can realize the quality of the candidates.

First phone calls

Install a special phone number recorder so that candidates can call and leave your data.When you put the job advertisement you want to hire, including this number for candidates to call and leave a message. This step is before any other, even before they deliver a curriculum. When you hear the messages, select those that most attract your attention, and requests those candidates who submit their information.

You must leave a voice on the phone to give instructions to candidates call message. I recommend the following…

Hello and thank you for calling (your company), located in [your city]. My name is [your name] and I am the owner of the company.

[Your company] is….

We currently have a vacancy [job title]. The responsibilities of this position include [responsibilities]. [Your company] provide [training, development]….

The benefits package includes health insurance and life insurance, and a retirement plan.[Your company] is [describe your company and how wonderful it would work for you and why]

Now, please take a few minutes to answer the following three questions. If you want to write down these questions and call back with your answer, you can do:

What practical experience do you have?

Name at least three of its most outstanding skills.

Why do you think that should be selected for this job?

After answering these questions, please leave your name and phone number. If you do not answer these questions, your application will not be taken into account. Thank you very much for calling [your company] and have a great day.

Second group interviews

When you have the names of the top 3 or 4 candidates, it’s time to invite them to come to an interview in person. The interviews help you to get more personal information of candidates; and this increases your chances of finding someone with the right attitude and personality. This interview will be in a group.

During the interview, let them talk to each other, and then have them perform some tasks that are part of the job. After this, invite one by one in your office or other private place. You must ask the same questions to everyone equally.

You might think that the group interviews are uncomfortable. But the truth is they give you a TON of information about each candidate and how to get along with others. When you know that the group only going to choose one, they act so as to expose his true personality and you will realize attitude problems; which you should avoid at all costs.

STEP 4 – Hire the Best Candidate

When finished, it is time to do the hiring. Put the names of candidates on a list in order of your choice. Then call first on the list and make him an offer. Remember to train your employees, so make sure you have a training program. When the new employee to work; this will help you be more productive and effective.

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